Is resto only option for shaman now?

I am looking to start an alt and shaman was my favorite class back in vanilla and bc and I wanted to play another one. I am fine being resto for 1 spec but wanted to have another spec that was not healing to satisfy my dps fix as well. I do both pve and pvp if that matters.

Is elemental any good right now in pvp or pve? I would prefer resto/elemental as my specs since I already have a dual wielding dk and monk I would like a caster.

Elemental isn't at the top of the charts, but if played correctly you can pull some good numbers. As for PvP, Elemental isn't so good.

Elemental shamans are still fun to play though, more fun to play than Mages at least.
I'd say resto for any sort of rbg/arena. Ele is fine in regular bg's as long as you stay in the back of the pack.

Ele is still ele in pve. Need to put in a lot of work to get the same results that most other classes don't have too.

Just my 2 cents though.
I appreciate it and I knew there was a good reason I dont see many shamans that were elemental or enhancement anymore and I was afraid of this scenario. Thanks for the quick responses guys.
Enh is very good ATM. Better than ele. I've seen ele put out solid numbers, but they're really busting their butt to do so, while as enh I can regularly come in the top 2 or 3 I'm raids while still not in optimal gear.

As to your fear of feeling too similar to melee classes you already have, I find enh to feel like a whole new beast compared to my rogue or fury warrior. More of a melee caster type feel

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