I'm actually starting to get a little bit worried about my DPS.

In 481 gear, I'm barely managing to pull 60k on most fights. I'd like to think it's my 471 blue weapon, but something tells me I'm doing something wrong. I'm following the ret rotation on Icy Veins but... meh. 60k for my gear level seems low.

So, 1. is anyone else having this problem?

And 2. is it a ret thing, a weapon thing or a me thing?
Well your weapon is hurting you for sure. If you have the means you should level your BSing up to get a free +640 haste. Enchanting your gloves will also help. If you can afford it the DMF trinket is quite good, would be a nice improvement over the Ghost Iron Dragonling.
Weird. Your transmog still has you in your sword and board setup, but your armory's clearly wielding a 2 hander..

Ahem, anyway, it looks like everything you have is pretty solid, though I'd probably replace that Ghost Iron trinket, too. It's not bad, just you could do better (Lessons of the Darkmaster, for one, is an amazing heroic trinket). Also, like Kruk said, your weapon could be hurting you too, since Ret's *very* gear reliant. Windsong is also preferable to Elemental Force, last I've heard.

Overall though, you look fine for your level of gear progression in MSV. Ret kinda has hills and valleys when it comes to the DPS department thanks to our cooldowns, so it's a bit of both Ret and weapon thing.
02/07/2013 11:19 PMPosted by Jackishi
Weird. Your transmog still has you in your sword and board setup, but your armory's clearly wielding a 2 hander..

Ja, this is my pretty dismal tanking set.

Anyway, thanks for the replies. The lack of chants and low-level BS is mainly because I'm running out of gold. Sadly, weapon RNG hates me, but tonight's raid night so I'll sacrifice a gnome and pray for Starshatter.
Not sure if it's due to the fact that armory is being odd recently, but it's showing you at 2020 exp, which is really low. 190 exp rating under your racial cap, and 530 rating when not. (Your racial is 1% exp - 340 rating - when you have a sword equipped), may want to look at that.

As for your money woes, you do have 600 mining so you could just go farm 90% of the materials you need yourself.
You could a lil exp. Not much.

Besides that pray to the range gods for a better wep. Doesnt seem to be much else to do (unless i missed a lack of enchants/gems somewhere).

PS: Another thing is you many have jumped over to haste > str too soon. I am only 2 ilvls below you and when i regemmed to haste > str i noticed my dps dropped a bit (still havent gemmed back to str as i havent been doing pve lately).
You need a lot of gem, enchant, and reforge help, imo.
Helm - haste/ hit gem
Cloak - Hit enchant
Chest - Both gems should be 320 haste
Bracers - Strength enchant + socket from BS with 320 haste gem
Gloves - socket w/ 320 haste gem
Waist - blue socket needs to be haste/ hit gem
Legs - need orange strength/ haste gem
Trinket - needs all 320 haste gems

Definitely need to get your BS up to be able to socket your bracers and gloves.
You need to reforge out of crit first, then mastery, and into hit or exp till capped, then haste.

If you do all of this, you will see a rise in your DPS. Keep running LFR's and don't forget to take down Sha once a week for a chance at your 496 tier gloves and pants. Ret pallys are very dependent on gear. But, if you will change some gems, enchants, and tweak your reforging, you will see better numbers.
I hope this helps. ;)

Edit: The best way to check your numbers is by simcraft. Run your toon through that and you will figure out your stat weights. But, for the most part, when you get around 480 item level, then 2 haste > 1 strength.
02/08/2013 03:14 AMPosted by Inares
(Your racial is 1% exp - 340 rating - when you have a sword equipped)

Human racial also covers maces.
02/08/2013 09:11 AMPosted by Maxximus
Trinket - needs all 320 haste gems

The haste cogwheels are all unique-equipped, so he can only have one of them at a time with the Ghost Iron Dragonling. Otherwise, Maxximus has some good insight on gems.

I actually ignored the Expertise because I was under the assumption that the racial covered 2%, but you're right, it is 1%. You'll want to hit 7.5% exp cap as well as hit, but you're close, a few reforges and it should be fine. I'm not sure I'm a fan of Pandaren's Step over a hit enchant (which frees up other stats that can be reforged), but if it suits you, it suits you (Also, be sure you're using ReforgeLite after you get your gems and such sorted out, helps a *lot*, especially if you put your own weights in).

I see you've won a Shin'ka as well since last time you posted, grats!

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