Emergence 10m 9/16H LF HPally or Tank

Area 52
We are looking for an extremely skilled HPally or an exceptional tank (Druid / Warrior / DK) because one of our core players is planning to leave the game.


MSV 6/6H
HoF 2/6H
Terrace 1/6H

We just started raiding again in beginning of Jan and we are pushing HoF heroics. We have practice on heroic Vizier and have him to 20%. He should go down next week. We are looking for players that are at least 8/16H or better.

Emergence Guild History

We come from a vast background of top U.S. and world guilds such as Death and Taxes, Vodka, Team Malice, Refined, Horizon, and Ascend. Emergence was originally remade as a 25m progression guild on the Undermine server for MoP progression and where we rose to a top 50 U.S. rank at the beginning of the expansion. We were able to achieve a U.S. 46th Heroic Stone Guard and a US 71st Heroic Feng before our untimely demise due to poaching from top 20 guilds such as Gamble, Exodus, Ascension, and Fierce (before they broke up). This caused Emergence to lose six players early in MoP progression and thus caused the guild to split instead of rebuilding in the middle of a progression race.

Emergence raiders scattered and joined guilds in the top 20, 50, and 100 of the rankings and raided for two months with them until we realized that we missed raiding with each other. Thus 7 of the original Emergence 25 (including the GM and an officer) decided to rebuild Emergence on Area 52 as an elite 10m guild.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday- 8:30pm-12am EST
Wednesday- 8:30pm-12am EST
Thursday- 8:30pm-12am EST

Real ID / Contact

Mercone- Mercone#1846
Icat- icat#1380 or icats1987@gmail.com

Server- Area 52 Horde
Website: http://emergence-area52.enjin.com/home

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