Why should I play a shaman?

I'm not talking about how Shaman stand as far as PvE or PvP. I read the PTR forums, I know things are bad. I'm just looking for a new toon that can give me a good time. I don't want to be a pure dps class, Monks are overplayed I feel, priests bore me, I dislike the rage mechanic, and I already have a druid.

So my options are really a paladin or a druid. I know I love getting a shaman in the dungeon finder because they give out a sh*t ton of buffs. So there it is shaman players. Convince me to pick one up. Why do you play this class? :)
Kite healing is pretty fun as Resto. ultimate pvp troll.
02/08/2013 08:01 AMPosted by Gangumstyle
Kite healing is pretty fun as Resto. ultimate pvp troll.

I agree with this.

Before I faction changed with my friends, being a Goblin Shaman was ridiculously fun.

Earthbind Totem, Rocket Jump, instant Ghostwolf behind a pillar, heal up.

Resto Shammy PvP really is a blast. If you enjoy never dying and kiting, then a Resto Shammy is a pretty fun choice. I love mine.

As for PvE, all I have ever really tried is Ele. I have too many melee toons as it is to really care for Enhance, but I can see how it might be fun. Spirit Wolves and all. Ele's a pretty bursty spec, especially with the new talents and abilities, like Ascendence. I usually go Ele during EoTS and AB, just for Thunderstorm laughs.

All-in-all, Resto has pretty much been the dominant PvP spec for Shamans since BC. Ele does decent DPS, but requires a little more thought to get the same results as other classes atm. I have been playing my Shammy for years now and Resto PvP never gets old.
Why should I try and convince you to play a Shaman?
Why I play an enhancement shaman:

1. I've been an enhancement shaman for eight years, and I'm stubborn.
2. I enjoy the enhancement (PvE) playstyle; we're pretty versatile and there's always another button to push.
3. We're competitive in PvE; while we're by no means over-powered, we're not the weak sisters that some folks on this board like to whine that we are.
Shamans are fun as far as play style. If you care about the damage meter on the other hand keep looking.
Picked a shaman years ago because it was a unique class and fun to play, it's frustrating at times, you'll usually have to try harder than other classes and it's lost it's uniqueness, but it's still fun.
I feel shamans are always a very rewarding class to play. With not always being the top class for dps, we can compete nonetheless. Just the feeling of out preforming others that "should" be doing better than you due to class balance is the best feeling ever. Also, we shamans rarely get nerfed, but rarely get huge changes, so I don't know if that's a positive thing or a negative thing.
I love thunder and lightning

Chain Lightning.
So. Convince you to play one so you can do what with them (PVE or PVP, Heal or DPS)? At what level (LFD, challenge mode, LFR, Normal, Heroic, 10v25) (BG, rBG, Arena, 2k+ Arena)?
I can only speak for elemental. When I have ascendance going and I'm slamming my lava burst button like a screen door in a hurricane, I can hear my lava burst hitting. Then I hear another spell or two go off immediately after as the spell got duplicated twice (by echo of the elements or via our mastery ability). The whole time my ascendance is going it sort of seems to build up in this crescendo of damage while I'm watching big numbers fly by. If it's at the beginning of the fight and I prepotted I'm watching my DPS flirt with the 200k mark for those first 20 seconds and it makes everyone elses meter look very, very small.

Later on, my damage is merely good, but for the first 20 seconds of a given fight we're basically on DPS godmode.
02/08/2013 07:49 AMPosted by Karaahl
Why do you play this class?
What other caster gets to wear mail and carry a shield?
02/14/2013 09:30 AMPosted by Gidd
What other caster gets to wear mail and carry a shield?


If you have to ask though, I suggest Paladin. In my opinion the Shaman class is best left to those of us who love it because of the Shaman style. Paladins are overall more flexible for most players. And, Paladin = healer in plate, which is very cool, in my opinion. (This is a style thing more than actually useful, of course.)

Otherwise, my advice is always pick one, level it up, and then pick the other and level it up. You won't know which you like best until you try them both. :)
Why you in particular shouldnt play a Shaman

-If you have to ask why then you are undeserved of our skills
-If someone has to convince you then we dont want you
-If the shaman is your last choice and not your first choice then we dont want you

Any real shaman worth their salt has always known the real question has always been.. WHY SHOUDLNT I PLAY a SHAMAN.
02/11/2013 11:40 AMPosted by Taltonestri
Chain Lightning.


My baby shammy is now 33. Chain lightning is AWESOME!

Shammy spells have the best looking spell graphics. Way better than ugly mage spells.
I love how flashy their abilities are, and the sheer VARIETY of not only what you can do, but what things look like. I can toss around lightning, lava, wind, earthquakes, totems, elemental guys, healing rain... you name it. I can also turn people into frogs and shift into a ghost wolf, which can have two different appearances depending on how I glyph it. AND... I can imbue my weapons with elements (which have a fun effect if the weapon is not enchanted), and surround myself with water orbs, lightning orbs, or earth.

Even healing abilities have different twists to them if you go resto. You're not always looking at the same abilities, and they are quite fun to watch.

Honestly, if you're interested just give it a shot. You might love it, you might hate it. But you'll never know if you don't try. :-)
02/11/2013 11:40 AMPosted by Taltonestri
Chain Lightning.

pretty much the only reason needed
If you are talking about healing in PVE and PVP--
1) the best healing/mana cool downs in the game.
2) Every raiding healer in the game wants a Resto Shaman healing partner.
3) Awesome pvp healing. Shaman can easily handle hard switches and Mastery give us the best HPS when we need it the most ( peels are required ).

If you are talking about DPS in PVE
1) Enhance it very strong this Xpac
2) Ghostwolves are sexy and everyone in the raid will be jelly
3) Elemental- well, if your raid leader allows sub rogues and Spriest; you will have a shot

1) You know that you need to be punished and cutting yourself isn't enough.

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