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Here's the issue: massive personal issue erupts and there is no real way to escape it with my sanity intact without either leaving the game or starting over on another realm. The bad thing is, I just went through raid trial, accepted to the team, and I like the folks's just that every other part of the game is a minefield for me. This, also, isn't something that will go's something you just have to kinda.....cut off.

So, I'm torn...I don't want to offend anyone or lose new friends or my guild. At the same time, I don't think I can continue to play at all without a fresh start...which exhausts me to think about, and I don't even know what server to move TO. The cost is also something I need to the bat I have to move three 90s (well, 2 and a 1/4). I also don't want to string the team along if I'm considering this (the situation blew up in the middle of trial, unavoidable). Ugh.

Thoughts anyone? If you've gone through something similar or have any advice, that's also welcome. Thanks.
What, exactly, are you running away from? We can't really help you if we don't know what it is. You can name change, or you can move to another server. Just one character at a time, though.
My first response is to get a thicker skin. And ignore said issues.

Failing that, I'd make a few alts on different servers and test them out. See if you like the people, and the guilds.

I'm sure the guild you're in will understand if you explain it well enough. And give them some notice beforehand, so they aren't left without a raid member.
If the issue is with someone in the guild or raid, it's probably worth discussing with the guild/raid officers.

If it's with someone outside of guild/raid, why won't tossing them on ignore solve things? If they get around ignore with multiple characters, report them for harassment.
I'm sorry if I missed something; but I could not figure out what the problem was. That being said I just switched realms for multiple reasons; basically starting over in the game. So maybe I can say something a little helpful. Although, since I did take a break I didn't have any friends on my original realm anymore so I didn't have to worry about that.

To me the purpose of the game is to have fun. Some people it is to escape realty for some time; others it's just the sense of adventuring, etc. Whatever it may be; having fun should matter the most in my opinion. (which it seems a lot of people do not realize) So if you need to switch realms for the game to be enjoyable then it is a good idea to.

A few tips for finding a realm that suits you. Find out what matters the most to you and what doesn't matter to you at all. Population, datacenter distance, realm time, normal, pve or pvp, and anything else that could matter to you. Then browse the forums that match your criteria and also create some new toons on those realms and have a look around.

Good luck and hope you get everything sorted out!
Name change, character move only 1 toon and fresh start with that toon.

Just do a name change if need be, and use the ignore feature liberally.
The problem described is vague at best, though appears to be of a social issue. I'm guessing a former friend who may or may not be in the guild who is saying certain things that are causing a bit of an uproar to the point OP no longer wants to be on the same realm as former friend.

Am I close?
The problem with moving realms is that the problem can follow you and if what caused it does not change it could reappear in the new realm.
Not going to lie, I just bit the bullet myself (But because my old server was dead) and I want to smack myself for not doing it sooner.

Within 30min of xfering I was in a guild and tanking alongside the guild leader. We cleared up to elegon the first night, went in the second night and made it to bladelord and downed him.

Wish I did it sooner!
I know it's vague. It's a personal issue that goes beyond the game. Trust me, if it were a little trolling or something I'd definitely ignore and be done with it.

Anyway, just putting it out there. Probably would have been best to keep it to myself but I wanted to see how people handled moving or other complicated situations. I will talk to my gm. Thanks everyone.

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