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list the things you love about mists.

I personally love the new battlegrounds, carts and temple of power ball.

List the things you enjoy :D
*ability to get tol'vir arch fragments without waiting for the rng gods to spawn one
*imo some of the best mounts ever (getting them however...)
*monkey, rabbit and mantis people
*did I mention mantis people?
*gnome monks
*moar fun items!
*the death of king tiny head. finally.
LFR (I'd quit cata after the troll dungeons came out)
Pet battles
Fishing from pools everywhere is successful and raises skill
Account-bound pets, mounts and achies
Crafting system (One mat type to farm vs 6 types)
Getting VPs and being able to buy VP gear without needing a raid team
Being able to literally farm mats
Chen and Li Li Stormstout
Pet Battles
The Cinematics
All the Zones
Killing Monkey People (I hate monkeys. Never make these things playable please!)
Account wide stuffs
Pet Battles
Challenge Modes

That's about it. MoP aside from those isn't really that amazing to me.
I liked the finding items that give you experience and some gold.

I pretty much otherwise dislike the whole Panda idea and can not wait until this expansion goes away.
AOE Looting.

Battle Pets.
End game mechanics have been great so far.

I like CRZ.

Account wide stuff is great.

wPvP is awesome!
Mop cleans floor. Make GGW happy.
-The music
-Zones Krasarang Wilds and The Jade Forest.
-Some things that I'm not sure are new from MoP or cata; but this includes AoE looting, account wide items and battle pets.

I have not seen much MoP content yet but for some reason I don't enjoy the dungeons I have been in so far. I don't dislike them either though.

I hate the Vermin? and Hozen? I believe that is what those creatures are called. I just find them the most annoying things to be in combat with.

I sure hope that 5.2 brings more DAILIES!
1) Account wide stuff
2) Challenge Modes
3) Pet Battles

Gokk'loks shell.
AOE looting. Yup.
- Lorewalker Cho's voice
- Various Aesop's fable style story books scattered around
- Sha are more interesting than fire/earth/etc... elememtals
- The way the made Pandaria feel like a part of Azeroth
- Lorewalker Cho's voice
02/08/2013 11:27 AMPosted by Hizeye
Li Li Stormstout

I skipped all the Li Li quests on this toon, and the next toon. Stayed in the Valley with my next toon, so I was doing the Li Li quests. Taking her around, adventuring with this wee little panda. After about a half an hour, I loved her so much that I wish she'd be a pet.

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