x2raid days a week, 15/16Heroic, recruiting.

Hey there, yes we are currently the most progressed team on Alliance.

We raid Thursday 6pm - 9:30pm (PST), and Sunday 11am - 4pm.

We're currently recruiting versatility, people who are competent with offspecs dps/tank/heals.

Non Combat Pet was founded around the idea that you don't have to be a douchebag to be good at a video game and as a result it's become very much a home to many good players. Our teams of the past have been #1 US 10man in EG T12, and similar rankings.

We're the more casual scheduled team in the guild, but are very happy to complete tiers while current content on our x2day a week schedule and typically come in top 100 US 10mans.

It is a group of very veteran players who are good at what they do, but now have busy real lives. We bring full due diligence to our play, and literally 100% of the players prepare and study for encounters.

Justus#1571 is an easy way to say hello, cheers!
Still looking for excellent players with a great offspec.
Bump for recruiting.
Looking for someone pleasant, with a side of min maxing.
Err.. Bump!

Ha <3, only to trolls dearie. Have some gingerbread, there's some fresh in the oven right over there.

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