Area 52
You can also contact me on Chickenstew or Greengummy.
Site link added.
We have punch and pie!
Bumper Cars!
Updated raid times and our goal.
If you aren't looking to raid, don't be shy, we will take on more casual players and help them out, even after we hit 25.
We also have a petting zoo with penguins!
Updated guild level. We are looking to raid tonight at 7PM server.
More edits

First week back together raiding went well. Very promising stuff, looking for at least 2 more DPS to fill out the raid team, and more is always welcome!
More are always welcome because down the road we will put together more than 1 10m team and do everything possible to make them all efficient content clearing forces. Teamwork!
Are you all looking for a Resto druid?
Added you as a friend Fap, will contact you when I see you online good sir!
Raiding tonight at 7PM server. We may need a few dps.
lemme get a bump too
Break me off one...

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