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working into HoF. we know 5.2 is coming out soon, and it's understandable that we are a "little" behind, but we are solidly progressing through with little to no issues.

Hit us up for a fun guild that is going to offer you good raiding.
I could use a bump myself...
Updated to reflect our progress after only 2 weeks of raids. We wanted to be raid ready by 5.2, and it looks like we were several weeks ahead of schedule already clearing bosses.

We are still looking for DPS in our first 10m. We are still recruiting all for other teams. Feel free to apply!
Maintenance extension bump!
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We will be trying out Throne of Thunder tonight at 7pm server!
Are ya'll in need of a DK DPS? If so I would be interested.
Work on Garalon and research on ToT bosses commences this week!
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I like raiding
Edited some long outdated information, including our latest progress in new content.
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