486 Warlock LF Raid

Recently came back to this toon after main switching for Mists. I moved over to tanking on my warrior for a while to try it out. After a good run of 8/16 HM I dropped off for a bit. I have had this toon as a main since BC and have a good amount of HM experience in raiding starting back in Trial of the Champion. No current HM experience during MoP on this toon but I have the knowledge of it from tanking. Im seeking a solid raid spot and I dont mind competing for it. Looking for full time raiding (not bench) but dont mind rotating out for the guild/team.

ToC 5/5 Heroic
ICC 11/12 Heroic
BoT/BWD 9/11 Heroic
FL 6/7 Heroic
DS 8/8 Heroic

Raid aware, come prepaired, Vent and Mumble, working mic, min-max...more if needed. Im looking for something Tue-Thur nights around 6 to 10 (PST) server time. I really prefer 10 man but would raid 25's. Im an older gent thats very stable. If you are interested hit me up.


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