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Area 52
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Greetings, We are a newly transfered guild coming from one of the many dead realms. On Perenolde we were used to achieving many realm 1sts, which was nice. However playing on a dead realm comes with the cost of a small player pool to choose from when required. You have the choice of taking on project players or leaving.....We chose to leave.

We are currently recruiting skilled players for our casual progression group (10 man).


Quality DPS. Players that know when they can stand in that puddle to finish their cast and when they need to move. It's a fine line, we need players that can ride that line for 3-10 minutes at a time. If you are that type of player, please get in touch with me.

Currently looking for Int ranged classes but will consider all strong players.

Current Progression: T15: 2/13H T14: 6/6H, 3/6H, 4/4
Raid times: Mon/Wed/Thurs 8pm-12am Eastern
Loot system: Loot Council
Expected attendance rate: 90%+
Website: http://www.epitaph-guild.com

If you have any questions contact me in game or at Spw#1831

About Epitaph:

Up until Cataclysm we had been a 25 man guild raiding under another tag, but with the changes to lockouts and shared loot between 10/25 man we decided to pool our talents and push in strictly 10 man content.

We hit our stride at the end of T11 picking up realm first kills of Sinestra, H Ragnaros and H Madness. All done while the content was current. After a tough start to T14 we have decided to transfer to Area 52. While the era of realm firsts is behind us (for the moment), we take pride in our level of play and seek players that feel the same way.

We have a very stable core of raiders and only recruit what we need. If you excel at your class/role you will feel right at home here in Epitaph. We use a council system for loot distribution, but most of the time it comes down to "who needs this".

How to Apply:

Fill out a quick app at http://www.epitaph-guild.com and we will be in touch.
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