I'm switching over to fistweaving from mistweaving, and I think I have the premise of it.

--Renewing Mist on CD
-- Get stack of Tiger Power, keep it up
-- 2 Stacks of Serpent Zeal, refresh when needed
-- Jab to full CHI
--Dump Chi with Uplift/Level 30 Talent
--Use Mana Tea stacks on CD

Doing this, I still have mana issues and my healing is a bit chaotic at times. Its never steady.
Is there something I could be doing better?
Should I incorporate mistweaving in?
What Stats should I prioritize? (been reforging Spirit > Crit > Haste)

Not sure what your goal is by "switching". Mistweaving vs. Fistweaving to me is not something you switch to like switching specs.

Are you healing raids? Are you in a 10 man or 25 man? There are a lot of variables that go into how you want to craft your healing strategy, but I can give you a general idea of what's going on here.

If you are simply looking for an efficient way to heal, then you have it mostly right. You don't always need jab to full and you don't always need to dump chi. The reason why you want to be in melee range and jab is that it's a consistent predictable way to build chi, but you shouldn't jab if you don't need the chi (if you're concerned about efficiency). Also, make efficient use of TFT in steady damage situations (i.e. Garalon) you should cast this on cooldown.

As far as stats to prioritize, it should be the same as "mistweaving" as you know it.
I agree with Seshel. The biggest and most irritating mistake I consistently see on this forum is the "fistweave" vs. "mistweave" false choice. Now, of course you are free to play however you want. But, if you want to maximize your effectiveness, you need to be able to do both. You should be meleeing whenever you can and jumping to ranged whenever it is beneficial. This can change from fight to fight, and even within fights. This is true now, and will be even more true come 5.2.

As far as the rotation is concerned, it does depend on what exactly you're healing. But generally it isn't far removed from "mistweaving." You auto-attack (obviously), jab to get chi (power strikes helps a lot), try to keep tiger palm and blackout kick stacks up, expel harm and renewing mists on cooldown, Thunder focus tea and uplift as needed.

I can't stress it enough. People will argue with me, people will say they do "just fine" without being in melee... but it is true. "Mistweaving" vs. "fistweaving" is a lie... you should know how to do both and you should alter your pattern based on the situation.
You should be meleeing whenever you can and jumping to ranged whenever it is beneficial. This can change from fight to fight, and even within fights. This is true now.

As it stands there are some MWs left whom believe "we should be in ranged like other healers" When this hinders our efforts at effective healing. When in actuality the quote above is quite possibly the best representation of our class.

But as per your question of a switch to the other side of the coin, You don't need to jab to full, the biggest question and problem I see among "fistweavers" is that they dps blindly, this cannot be done. In order to effectively heal you MUST balance fist, and mist.

In short, only add dps when needed, and supplement large single target hits with soothing rotations.

Don't be afraid to tiger palm for stacks or an extra Bok incase you see someone take a big hit.
Here's my standard reply to people asking for MW healing advice.

Here's a few things that I had to keep in mind while I was gearing up. They made a world of difference. Fair warning this is from a fistweaver heavy point-of-view, but I believe most of the tips cross over to mistweaving as well.

1) Always have your serpent statue out and within 40 yards. I know it costs 10% of your mana to place down but a quick Mana Tea usage will return it. Be smart about where you place it. Sometimes you can get 2-3 group pulls with 1 Serpent Statue.
2) Use Renewing Mist on cooldown to keep the groups health up. This will also set you up for Uplift spamming. Keep in mind ReM has to be on atleast 2 targets before you can use Uplift.
3) Use Life Cocoon as often as you can. Don't waste it when your tank is taking zero damage....but make sure it's used because not using it is also a waste.
4) Use Revival as often as you can. Again...don't waste it when your group is at full life but like life cocoon not using it is the same as wasting it.
5) Use a combination of melee healing (thanks to Serpents Zeal) and direct healing (soothing/surging mists). Using only one or the other can be very difficult as you're starting out.
6) If direct healing with Soothing Mist and you have 3 chi....apply Enveloping Mist. This extra HoT on the tank can free you up to do more melee damage/group healing.
7) Zen Meditation is amazing if used properly. Find a place for it on your hotbar and experiment!!!!
8) Glyph Renewing Mist. This will help spread your HoTs out to the entire group even when they are spread out.

Hopefully that helps =D
thanks yal.
and to rephrase since ive seen to make a misunderstanding: what I mean by switching from mist to fist is that im going from being at ranged to melee. When I fistweave, I still use some mistweaving since its more efficient in some situations.

I was just having issues with mana due to over DPS'ing just to dump CHI. Which I learned from yal is not what to do.

One more question: What do I do with the lvl 30 talents? (Chi wave/burst/ zsphere). I rarely use them since I have more efficient and better heals. Maybe yal could persuade me.
Chi wave is a set it and forget it style heal, zen sphere is a nice hot, but it costs 2 more chi 2 explode nd has quite a few bugs at the moment. Chi burst is great for aoe nd stacking.
gaiz am i doin it rite?
as it stands now with my gear fistweaving alone only around 25-30k hps is going out, as where range is around 50-60k in that same given fight.

You should look at fistweaving as what they are portraying it to be and that is another disc priest. Where as disc priests can atonement heal the whole fight basically, monks are what disc were meant to be and that is 'oh there is hardly any damage going out ill help kill the boss faster while out putting minor heals'.

An example of this would be in between phases in Li Shi when only the tank is taking damage. As they are the ones taking damage, all smart heals from fistweaving will go to them.
Or will of the emperor during dance, i think as a mistweaver you should always be with the tank and melee doing the dance getting those minor heals off (as the tanks dont need them at that point) and using that time to build up your stacks for a free surging mist for when right after the dance is finished the tank is taking big blows.

Its a situational thing rather than a choice of one or the other.
People who differentiate between Mistweaving and Fistweaving are about as wrong as disc priests who is either trying to heal purely through shields or purely through smites and ultimately fall flat in both areas.

Monk has a mistweaver spec, all abilities in this spec which result in healing of wounded ally whether directly or indirectly should be used in such order which maximizes the desired effect.

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