<Casual>H12/16H US-Azuremyst LF Holy paladin!

Guild Recruitment

Casual is a semi hardcore 10-man guild with efficient raiding and multiple long time WoW players.
If you want a successful raiding guild that will push to clear all content before the tier is over then you're looking in the right spot.

GM: Onegun
Officers: Bouridon/Nambad
Raid times: 5-9 PST (Server)(8-12EST) T/W/TH
Occasional cleanup on Sunday 7:30-9 PST

We are currently looking for a dedicated holy paladin that wants to excel and be a helping factor to ending this tier 16/16H which is the goal.

We have a stable roster with the most important thing needed being a holy paladin.

All great players with good attitudes are encouraged to message an officer / apply as well!

We have many players who enjoy other things such as arena, leveling/gearing alts etc.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Bouridon, Nambad, or Onegun in-game for more info.

To Apply go to:
we need a good holy pally xD
still looking for dem good holy pallies :)

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