Dr. Ret or: How I learned to stop healing and

love the heroics.

Hi fellow paladins. Do you go into every Tuesday thinking 'Gosh! I gotta cap valor AGAIN!? I HATE QUEUING DUNGEONS, DUNGEONS TAKE SO LONG AND HEALING IS SO BORING! I could queue as Ret and it wouldn't be boring, but the long queue times! What will I do while I wait? Daily quests? LOL YEAH RIGHT'

Well, I have a solution that might alleviate that boring feeling you get grinding valor points every week. This solution has several monikers like 'Look mom, no heals!', and '4dps zerg strat' and the trending name 'i queued healz as deeps #yolo'

So if you haven't already gotten the general theme of the strategy yet, I'll spell it out for you. We have the tools to heal heroics as ret.


Well, let me first show you a video of me doing exactly that in a pug random heroic.

(yep that's me, and I even skipped the boring trash part for you, even though in my opinion the trash are harder to heal as ret than bosses are)

So lets get down to the details. Essentially Blizzard has given us a few glyphs and talents that allow us to heal effectively enough for heroics. The most essential pieces to this strat are:

1) Glyph of the Battle Healer - Provides 35% healing from melee attacks with Seal of Insight
2) Selfless Healer Talent

The basic gist of it is, DPS with seal of insight with the following rotation priority:
5pt TV> judgement > exorcism > hammer of wrath > crusader strike
Swap TV with Divine Storm vs >1 targets
Swap Crusader strike with Hammer of the Righteous vs >3 targets

You could change this rotation to the normal ret rotation depending on how confident you are with your tank, this rotation will get as many selfless healer stacks as possible for easier healing with Flash of Light. Use word of glory if you do not have enough time to stack 3x selfless healer, remember you are the healer, if people start dying b/c you are prioritizing DPS over the party living, then the point of the whole strat (which is to complete the instance as fast as possible) is defeated.

Anyways, yeah other than that, it's not too difficult to heal as ret even with undergeared tanks. For the most part, you can zerg down bosses without having to heal too much, its mostly trash that can start gibbing your party if they decide to ignore mechanics. Have fun, healing as ret. I have done this for a few weeks now and have gotten better with no wipes. Heroics have not nearly been as boring since making the switch. Try it now!
While I appreciate the pun, I have to admit that it wasn't my favorite movie.

On to the point: I've tried this quite a bit before and I highly recommend it if anyone is still doubting it. There are rarely situations where this doesn't work, and if anyone inspects you and asks if you if you are switching, just tell them to shut up, trust you, and go, and as long as you don't let more than 1 person die you win!

For comparison: I ran several LFRs like this as well as dungeons, I was top DPS while beating 2-3 of the other healers, and by enough that the other healers were kicked for being bad.
Gotta try this. Well, I love healing, I don't find it boring. But this one's worth a try.


You're awesome. Mind if you give me some advice?
Just stopping by to say I love the post title. Kudos :)
Ret-healing dungeons is not only fantastically efficient (I've had Armsmaster Harlan die *before his first whirlwind*), but also very fun. It can be somewhat challenging, since you have to be aware of more things than you would when just healing or just DPSing, but honestly I think that just makes it more fun.
... I worry about the calls for nerfs this might cause.

Not that I'm already doing this. <_< >_> *hides glyph*
I approve of this message!

I'm just afraid someone would say something, but I would like to give it a shot. I already do this in pvp anyways.
awesome, gotta try this on my pally once he's 90, love healing but hate staying in the back healing as a plate class.
What's the min ilvl before even attempting this? I can see this working with a group of high ilvl people, kill mobs and bosses before taking too much damage. But say you get in a group with a 455 ilvl tank and a bunch of dps doing 20-25k in shadopan monastery?
Hard to tell, I started doing this around 490 ilvl. Obviously that's around the high-end of gear nowadays, I'm sure you could do it with a lower level gear, I just haven't tried it. The main limiting factor would be your hit/expertise as these are your main sources of HP generation and selfless healer procs, my educated guess would be: as long as your close to hit/exp cap you'll heal fine, the bonus healing from battle healer is just icing.

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