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I used to play on PC so I have key bindings with Control and Alt keys.
Now that I switched to Mac, I use Command key as Alt key, and Alt key as Control key as they correspond to where they would have been on a PC keyboard (this may not make sense at the moment, but you'll know what I mean when I explain).
I used the actual Alt and Control keys as they are when first I played on Mac, but the Control key appeared to have been too far and I have to twist my thumb a lot.
I found out that the in-game "Mac Option" allows you to use Command key as Control key. So I made modifications to my macros

changing (/cast [mod:alt] Iceblock) //this is the macro I use on PC's//
into (/cast [mod:ctrl] Iceblock) //this is the macro I use on Mac's//
Only this time the Ctrl key I use Command key in its stead so that although the key binding is to the Ctrl key, the actual position is where an Alt key would have been, to which I am used. And also,

changing (/cast [mod:ctrl] Charge) //this is the macro I use on PC's//
into (/cast [mod:alt] Charge) //this is the macro I use on Mac's//
So although I will have performed a key binding with Alt key, since the Alt key is where a Ctrl key is on a PC keyboard, as far as my hand muscle is concerned, I have performed an action with Ctrl key bindings.

When I press down Command button, I cannot move my character towards the left. More specifically: If I am performing a stationary action with keybinding of Command key, I cannot suddenly move my character to the left. Instead, my pressing "A" key while holding down Command key will stop my Command key from having effect, so my character neither move to the left nor perform actions from the keys bound to Command.

As if the Command key forbids my "A" key while it's in effect. And my "A" key cancels my Command key. That being said, the problem does not exist when I try to move to the right, front, or back (i.e. "D", "W", or "S" keys). I can move in all other directions except for to the left.

I wonder, therefore, if this is a rare problem with my own Mac or is it a issue with the system. I quite understand if this problem is not a widely shared one as most people don't bind their Command key like me.
Have you tried to use the option "Disable OS keyboard shortcuts"? When using Command+[Any Key], it might be trying to do an OS function instead. Selecting the option mentioned above, you can disable most OS shortcuts and use them as keybinds.

The only Commands that will never be disabled in any mode are:

  • Command-M
  • Command-Tab
  • Command-H
  • Command-Q
Thanks, M

Althought I have "Disable[d] OS keyboard shortcuts"; in fact, "Command-Q" is my keybinding for all the aoe spells for my characters and it works fine. I have even looked up the key binding within my system and it says Command-A combination is not for any system function. I am beginning to think perhaps there is something wrong with my own computer :(

I will try some other means and let you know.

Command-A is select all. This may be why. It is like how Command-C is copy and Command-V is to paste. Thought when selecting that option, it should disable it.
Hey! I'm having the same problem.
I want to make it so I have to hold command to move in all directions and strafe, all works fine after doing above options save for when I want to move left, nothing happens.
Same issue here, any resolution?
I am having the same problem with my modifier macros. Whenever I hold a shift modifier macro, that ability's tooltip changes, however it still casts the nomod ability. I don't have keybind space and this is really affecting my gameplay as I can't use 6 of my abilities.

*edit* Doing a few tests it seems that this is a razer naga problem for me after upgrading to mavericks
Go to System - keyboard options then click use command key as control key.

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