Eldin Sunstrider and Northeron??

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I was doing some casual reading the other day and I came across this high elf, who is apparently part of the sunstrider dynasty and the leader of the high elves that fled/were exiled from Quel'thalas after refusing to accept the name of 'blood elves' and refusing to absorb fel energies.

Some other non-canon stuff on wowwikki and wowpedia mentioned that he resides in the Northeron area - that inaccessible area northwest of eastern plaguelands - and that there could be many more high elves located in a large settlement called "Dawnstrider Harbour".

I also found this map that has somehow been put together to show to us what the unknown area could possibly be like:


Here is a map of it prior to the 3rd war...


And another slightly different map...


If any of this is true, does this mean high elves could suddenly have a massive boost in terms of likeliness of introduction as a future playable race? Do they just have a huge hidden population waiting for the right time to emege from isolation?

If not, it all makes for interesting reading anyway.

I am just fascinated to know more about this Northeron zone and what it holds - could it be a focus of a future expansion, just like Quel'Thalas was inaccessible prior to TBC?
If it's from the RPG and not canon, then ignore it. The non-canon information has absolutely no bearing on the WoW, WC1,2,3 storylines or lore.
I think you might have the names slightly confused. Northeron used to be a part of what is now present day Twilight Highlands.

The answer given in Ask CDev Round II:

Prior to the Cataclysm, the northernmost part of the Twilight Highlands was called Northeron. The rapid melting of its famed icy cliffs due to the catastrophic climate shift from the Cataclysm, the incursion of Twilight's Hammer forces, and the appearance of the creature known as Iso'rath all served to put an end to Northeron and many of the independent dwarves who lived there. Some of the wreckage is still visible along the northern coast. Fortunately, the nearby spiritual center of Kirthaven remains intact.

As for the zone northwest of Eastern Plaguelands on the eastern kingdoms map, not entirely sure. It's been there since pre-Cataclysm, they had the opportunity to remove it during Cataclysm when they redid the maps but obviously they didn't. It's blocked off, so one would think they are saving it for a later purpose. I would assume it would be Blood elf or high elf related considering that area along with Ghostlands and Eversong Woods made up Quel'Thalas.
Northeron was originally in that area in lore, but it was moved to Twilight Highlands. It was never that closed zone though. That is just empty space between zones. The things that were linked is just fan fiction, not even from the RPG. A large stretch of northeastern Lordaeron wasn't cleaned up entirely because it would not be feasible to do so (Stratholme being facades, Quel'thalas not really being there, the overlap of the two), leaving that space still.
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Northeron was originally in that area in lore, but it was moved to Twilight Highlands

Oh k, ty for clarifying this - I was unaware of this move.
02/07/2013 08:51 PMPosted by Ilhuntu
Northeron was originally in that area in lore, but it was moved to Twilight Highlands

Oh k, ty for clarifying this - I was unaware of this move.

Cyoung already said it.

Also, I meant general area. I maintain that that space was never actually anything.
That's the area where all the missing lore characters like Turalyon are sent.
Northeron was originally in that area in lore...
Assumed to be, anyway. There's technically not anything in lore that said where Northeron was before that CDev answer, just that it existed.

As to Eldin Sunstrider, he never existed as a character; it was simply one of the random names used for the Blood Mage hero in Warcraft 3.
Vegdrasil is right, that area was never once called Northeron. Everyone just assumed it.
The best place for playable High Elves would be Dalaran since it is back in the alliance, they could probably make that other zone north of Eastern Plaguelands either contested territory between High Elves and blood elves or a blood elf zone.
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Vegdrasil is right, that area was never once called Northeron. Everyone just assumed it.


Very early in WoW's development Northeron was near Quel'thalas, which fits with what was implied about it.
They could use that map/zone just for fun.

No real quests or anything, just something to look at. kinda like how gilneas is now.

BTW: That map does look really well done imo
I rather they fill it with NPCs and such, same with Gilneas.

Make them viable RP zones. Having it with Flight Masters and Npcs along with stuff to kill and maybe a few quests or dailies would make people trave; to and from them.

I'd love either of them for RP.

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