[H] | <Exhumed> | 6/16 HM | 10 Man | Aus/NZ

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
We are an Aus/NZ 10 man raiding team who have reformed on Thaurissan Horde under the <Exhumed> banner, previously from a casual realm. Our progression is only at 6/16HM due to the less talented players in the group that we left behind.

Our Raid times are 6.00pm - 9.00pm Server Time, Monday, Wednesday & Sunday. Alt runs or extra progression runs will be organised at random and are completely optional. As we only raid 9 hours a week we expect people to be at their best and be on-time.

Currently recruiting:
- 1 Tank MS / DPS OS (50/50 Role)
- 1 Mage/Hunter
- 1 MS Ranged / OS Healing (Boom/Shaman)
- 1 Healer (Paladin/Monk/Druid/Shaman)

Send an in-game scroll to Hokay on Thaurissan with your Real ID or Battle.net tag and I will contact you to discuss your suitability for a trial. If you prefer you can leave a message on this post.
up up and away web
yep that's a cow alright.
I haven't got time to play with myself.
requirements updated.
who sunk my battleship?
I'm looking to transfer to a different realm as i can't find anything good here....is there any possibility for a trial in any team you have.

thank you
not for a rogue, sorry.

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