healing Wind lord 10 Normal

Hey all

I feel like I am doing well up until the adds are dead and we are fighting just the boss.

When that first rain of blades hits that is where I feel I let my raid down.

so for each rain of blades I pop a healing cooldown and use my hammer for the aoe heal when it is off cool down.

My questions is what else can I do. I try and cast HR but it does not go off until the damage is done.

our healer make up is a druid, shaman, and me.

check out my gear and talents let me know if anyone has any advice they can give me.
Is your raid using a defensive cooldown rotation for rain of blades? If not it should be.
First off the obligatory "you are missing an enchant please fix it my eyes hurt" speech :)

As retsu said, defensive cd's are really valuable here, esp because the raid should be spread out to avoid dropping windbombs in melee. Unfortunately you are missing out on the goodness that is disc and their ability to SS ever single windbomb. That said, I would talent holy avenger here. Around 10sec before RoB is off cd start pooling holy power to 5, and position yourself so you can hit as much of the raid as possible with LoD. Also make sure holy shock is off cd when RoB starts. When rain starts, pop holy avenger, LoD, HS, LoD, HR/tower of radiance DL or flash of light, LoD, HS, LoD. This is the highest output aoe rotation you have. You could also move into melee to cs for the extra holy power, but then you risk dropping a windbomb in melee if you don't get out quickly enough after RoB ends.

If some members of your raid are taking higher damage then others for whatever reason, feel free to use EF on them instead of LoD.

Beyond your own personal output, I would recommend establishing a cd rotation. Something like tranq on first, HTT 2nd, holy avenger 3rd, personal cd's 4th etc. Should help make the damage manageable.
You have it glyphed, so you might already be doing this, but don't forget to pop your own Divine Protection cd for your personal physical dmg mitigation. This helps you a lot, so you can focus on others and not your own health bar.

My team does defensive rotations. In addition, we all move closer to the boss during RoB so everyone is in range of spells. Then be quick to run back out to your larger circle around the room once RoB ends.

Make sure you're not using tranq and totem at the same time.
Pretty sure he can't drop windbombs during a rain of blades, so its possible to have the raid collapse once one's started but you need to be either A. Quick to spread back out, or B. a tank and melee on their toes in case the boss needs to be moved.
The raid should stack for Rain of Blades if there is not a big defensive/healing CD to use. When the boss does Rain of Blades you should be sitting at 5 Holy Power and preferably a infusion of light proc when he starts the Rain of Blades, This will allow you to use more healing while moving, take speed of light and run into melee and AoE heal everyone, making sure to run out as the Rain of Blades is ending. I believe you cannot LH every Rain of Blades but if you can drop it before the Rain goes out you will also save yourself a GCD healing with something else. Stagger your CDs, Avenging Wrath, Divine Favor and Holy Avenger and try not to use one when your other healers are using one of there big CDs. It helps to coordinate CDs before the Rain of Blades goes out so the raid doesn't overkill or underkill it.

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