WTS TCG and Shadowmourne Items

Hello Saurfang. I've recently transferred here from Proudmoore and had to resort to buying lots of items to bring with me to avoid the 50k gold transfer limit. Willing to sell on the Neutral AH if you want to pay the 15% premium.

X-51 Nether-Rocket 150k
Sack of Starfish 15k
Sylvanas' Music Box 50k
Muradin's Favor 50k
Relic of Xuen x2 12k each
Miniature Winter Veil Tree x3 19k each
Orb of Mystery 17k each. 1k less than vendor cost!

Most prices are negotiable aside from the Orb of Mystery.
Just saying but you just lost a large amount of gold with those items. should of just bought orbs.
Nobody has any gold on this server?
Not enough stupid people with gold on the server.
Not sure why they'd have to be stupid to buy TCG or Shadowmourne items but thanks for your input.

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