[H] Blue Label 1/14H LFM for SoO

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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<Blue Label> of Barthilas is a Horde, 25man Oceanic raiding guild that has been around since the Burning Crusade. We are focused on progressing through the Mists of Pandaria raids while having fun doing so.

What we expect from you:
- Attendance to be 95%+ (If you foresee an upcoming AFK from wow, please do not apply until you are back)
- Stable net/computer
- Attitude
- Knowledge/skill of the spec you are applying as. (Bonus for multiple specs).

What you can expect from us:

- Progression
- A good social group
- Positive criticism to make you a better, stronger player and most importantly,
- Fun

Our raid times are (GMT+10):

Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday/Monday - 730ST to 11ST (PM) with raid invites going out at 720ST (PM).

Classes we are recruiting for will be the LATEST post I make.

If you belong in a class that currently is listed as full, that does not mean we will instantly decline your application. All exceptional players will be strongly considered despite which classes we are currently looking for.

If you are interested in joining Blue Label, don't hesitate to apply at blue-label.org and remember, the application you submit is our first impression of you so do not expect to be accepted with a 10min effort application.

If you have any other questions regarding anything at all, you can add me on Battletag (Naixia#1121) or pst Hanul in-game.
LFM Healers/Ranged dps!
still LFM!
Is your main team looking for an experienced resto/ele shaman by chance?
still lfm!
lfm ranged!!
still lfm ranged!
lfm ranged!
lfm ranged esp mages!
lfm !
LFM exceptional players! Make yourself stand out in the app!
LFM exceptional players! Make yourself stand out in the app!
still lfm!
lfm exceptional ppl!
LFM DKS! Pst me for minimum reqs~

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