[H] Blue Label 1/14H LFM for SoO

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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still lfm! especially ranged!
LF Ele shaman/Mages! [Minimum ilvl 500, experience 9/16H]
Resto shaman interested on joining
can go ele if required as a main spec
I've put the minimum req of "[Minimum ilvl 500, experience 9/16H]" because we already have people we need to gear up, and not willing to do so at this point of the content.
LF ele shaman (possibly an enh shaman too), any kind of mages and hunters. Minimum ilvl requirement applies. (500 ilvl and/or 9 or more HM experience). Can come speak with me if you have any questions.

Btag: Naixia#1121
Still looking for those classes above! ^
Opened recruitment for 1 Holy Paladin with a minimum ilvl of 500, limited experience will be considered if minimum ilvl is reached.
Recruitment is now open for Hunters/Mages/Ele shamans/Boomy/-Any class- Healer

Feel free to add me on Btag if you play a class that is not currently open or have any questions. Naixia#1211
Recruitment is still open for;

x1 Boomkin
Ele/Enh shaman
x1 Healer (Any class except Resto Druids)

If your class is not up there, you can always pst me via Btag (Naixia#1211) for latest update.

Recruitment is now open for 5.2, ALL CLASSES and spec EXCEPT:

Tanks (But tank OS is a plus)
Resto Druids

You can always pst me via Btag (Naixia#1211) if you have any questions. Certain classes a minimum requirement is applied, but not for all (Dependent on our current roster).

If you're interested, apply at blue-label.org
More apps!
keep the apps coming!
still lfm
need more mages still!
Recruitment still open for most classes for 5.2!

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