[H] Blue Label 1/14H LFM for SoO

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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still lfm! high demand are mages!
Tsulong downed. Still in high demand of mages/hunters! Check our website (blue-label.org) or pst me ingame! whichever is fine! Naixia#1121
Recruitment still open for most classes, keep the apps coming!
still lfm!
1/13 H ToT 25man

Still looking for raiders.

Range : Hunters, Warlocks, Ele Sham, Boomkin, Mages.

Healers : H-Pally, Disc.

If ure amazing, go to www.blue-label.org/home or pst Hanul ingame!
Disc Priests, H-Pally, Hunters, Mages, Warlocks, Boomkins, Ele Sham, we are looking for ya!

bluelabel.org or pst Hanul / Jinbei ingame~~
LFM All ranged DPS class + 1 non resto druid healer!
still looking for the classes above!
All ranged DPS classes are still open for recruitment. Higher the ilvl the better!
^ still!
^ still chips!
still lfm, hunters in high demand with the right gear and experience!
more apps!
all ranged dps spots are still in high demand!
horridon downed

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