[H] Blue Label 1/14H LFM for SoO

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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still lfm ^
need more ranged! esp mages and warlocks!
full on hunters however mage/warlock/ele shaman spots are still wide open!
more mage/warlock apps!
tortos down
mages, locks, ele sham, moonkin!
hunter/mage are now closed. However warlocks/ele shamans are still open!
mage once again opened!
still looking for mage/locks/boomy/eleshaman/spriests!
^ classes are still open!
still looking for mage/locks/boomy/eleshaman/spriests!
H megaera down.
lfm warlocks/spriests/ele shaman
Rogues are now open, also looking for 1 hunter.
Other classes that are open includes: warlocks/spriest/boomkin/eleshaman
recruiting: boomkins, warlocks, spriests, ele shamans, hunters, mages, and 1 healer (NOT druids)

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