[H] Blue Label 1/14H LFM for SoO

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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rogue recruitment are now opened!
Ji-kun dead, still lfm ranged/rogues!
still lfm ^
council down!
Healer recruitment has opened up for priests or monks, only need 1 so app fast while it's open!
looking for mages/warlocks/eleshaman/Disc OR holy priest/boomkins/hunters/rogues!
still looking for the above classes
H primordius down
demand for rogue is currently high
blue-label.org lots of spots have opened up
still lfm!
most classes still open ^
ret paladin/ww monk/enh shaman/feral druid recruitment CLOSED
still looking for classes: resto shaman/hunters/mage/warlock/ etc

look us up at blue-label.org
still lfm, most classes still open. Come speak to me if you have further questions.
all healer recruitment closed. Classes in high demand: boomkins/warlocks/ele shaman and possibly another rogue.
interested in a 526 hpally by any chance 6/13 heroic cleared

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