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Taking any reasonable offers into consideration...
I would trade a Depleted-Kyparium Rocket and a Tuskarr Kite. Could also add in a porcupette, grell and magical crawdad. The tuskarr kite should increase in value in 5.2 when it becomes a battle pet.
I'd be willing to entertain this trade I believe, though the rocket would require same server, no?
If you'd like to talk in game (easier to link and discuss) message me on Faelar#1331
I could give u depleted Kyparium rocket, hippogryph hatchling, landros lil XT, and landros Lichling, scarab, grell, and eye of the legion.

u would have to make a DK on my server and get it through the beginning quests before u could use mount.

kodama#1998 if interested
I actually traded it but now I have a jeweled oynx panther that I would trade and the tuskarr kite. I can also add in a searing scortchling, along with the grell, porcupette and magical crawdad.

and yes you would have to learn it on my server, but all you would have to do is make a dk and it will be learned cross realm.

I may have a few other mini pets if you would be interested in those.

my battletag is: sason#1345 if you would like to discuss further
I'm also interested in your Soul-Trader. I have a number of tcg mounts for you to choose from and as well as several high-valued pets. For a list of what I have, refer to: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7884728597#1

My battletag is: alinnia#1390
Interested in your pet. I have tcg mounts, pets, battle stones for trade.

200k Malganis

Umm this is a really old post. I doubt he still has it guys, check the date.
And a check of his armory shows that he no longer has it.

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