Glyph of Telluric Currents...

On the in-game tab, it states that telluric currents gives 2% of your mana per cast of lightning bolt (I use it in elemental to ensure I never have any mana problems)...

However, on people's profiles outside of the game, the tooltip is saying 10% mana per cast of bolt... what gives?

If its 10%, I would use it in resto for raiding, toss a bolt here and there for a TON of mana.
I can guarantee it's not 10%. Some of their tooltips are messed up with all the changes in MoP.

It's still nice for raiding as resto though. I used it often in the DS LFR when there were stages that required almost no healing.

It beats standing around doing nothing, and you get free mana.

BUT if you don't have long periods of healing rest, and if you have no trouble with mana, it might be a bit redundant.
10% for Enhancement, 2% for Ele/Resto.
02/08/2013 02:17 PMPosted by Korghal
10% for Enhancement, 2% for Ele/Resto.

this, because 10% of 60k is 2% of 300k.

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