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Hey all, Looking for a decent raid progression guild (preferred lvl 25) for myself (Combat-rogue-ilvl 486) & hubby Kusher (Ret-pally-ilvl 489). Atm we're on the Kael'thas realm, but will be changing realms tonight in search of a better raiding experience.

Kusher has (7/16 normal, & 0/16 Heroic), and I'm at (0/16 & 0/16, but know the fights and, just looking for start). We're both enchanted, gem-ed, and reforged per ShadowCraft and Mr. Robot. You would be gaining an active herbalist/Alchemist) & (Enchanter/Jewelcrafter). In anyway we can help out the guild and guidies we will and do. We have vent, and all consumables (probably in excess) ready for raid night. We also like to run bgs, heroics, rares, and xmog/mount runs in our free time.

Little bit about us: We're both social, take directions, helpful, and just generally nice. Looking for a mature environment.

Let me know if you're interested in us, tyia! Juicybabe#1525
Hey there Juicy. Sent you a btag, hope we can talk soon.

Sounds great Berelyte. I'm just waiting on the transfer to complete. If it's within the hour, i'll log in, otherwise i'll be on in the am. Have a good one and thanks for the reply.
Must have missed you in game, but I should be around most of tomorrow day and all of tomorrow night, it's a raid night :) Here's the guild spam and info, I'll chat with you soon.

10 man progression: 16/16N, 2/16H
25 man progression: 6/6 MSV, 3/6 HoF

Current Needs:
Balance Druid (No offspec required)
Affliction Warlock
Shadow Priest (No offspec required)

Open Recruitment:
DPS/Healers (hybrid toons with capable offspecs)

Culture Shock encourages competitive raiding in the guild. You doing better than a current raider doing a similar role? You will be considered for that raid spot. Just bring me logs, recount, etc. Success through competition! As always, we recruit any and all specs/classes for potential raid spots.

Our scheduled raid days are Tuesday from 8-10 pm, Friday from 7:30-10 pm, and Saturday 5-10 pm. All times PST.

Tuesday night raids will be scaled back to a 10 man, with a rotating roster to get as many people in as we can each week.

Thanks for your interest, and can't wait to hear from you in game!

Hi Juicy,

If you are looking for something closer to your own progression level Diablerie is currently 8/16n (with Garalon down to 5% at berserk). I'll try and be around this evening if you are still looking. Krenaa#1950 is my info and I would be happy to chat a bit.

Welcome to Hyjal.
What was the turning point for today? This was unexpected to say the least...

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