A <Kamikaze Penguins><10Man> 1H Pally/Disc

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Kamikaze Penguins>
[16/16NM & 3/16HM | Alliance - Frostmourne]
Raid Days: Wed/Sun/Mon 7:30 - 10:30PM EST

Looking for Highly Skilled, Reliable, Competent Raiders for our Core 10 man Team.

Currently Recruiting 1 Healer
- Holy Paladin
- Discipline Priest

- Must be at least iLvl 480+
- Understanding of strategies for current progression content
- Stable internet connection
- 100% raid attendance
- High understanding of your spec/class

Message Nukems, Kuror or Tankasbro in-game, or add Nukems#1183 on Battle.net for a chat

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