[H]Guild looking to grow/merge

Due to several core members having the real life raid boss stomp them in the schedule bones. We
have have decided to look for a guild/guilds that are near us progression wise 6/6 MSV 4/6 HoF and 1/4 ToES, to create a larger guild and attempt to avoid the attendance problems that plague so many. The core group we have has been raiding together for over a year and transferred here from Exodar some months back. This has so far been a great server, but we need more people to keep up the raiding goals that many of us expect. Currently we have an amazing spriest, a fantastic mage, great dk, an up and coming boomie, a dps/resto monk, and a worthless hunter. There are a few more lurking around as well. Our raid nights have typically been tues and thurs 7:30-stuff dead or we are. Looking to try and maintain a schedule like that. Please feel free to contact myself, Lisdexia, Tarazine, or Warbey (no longer in guild, but a founder) for any info about us.
Thanks in advance all.
Neolutum is currently looking to host another 10 man guild. We are primarily a 25 man raiding guild that host other 10 man raids as well. There are several advantages to raiding under our banner than in your own guild: You're part of a larger support network, increased guild resources, increased server presence to aid recruitment, and a large pool of alts and mains that can't raid in the 25 run, depending on what days/nights you set up your raid for.

If you are interested, please visit http://neolutum.enjin.com/home for more information, and if you want to ask more questions or get any additional information, send a message to Medieve through the forums, or contact me in game. My Realid is Medieve#1336.

Regardless of what you decide, good luck! Hopefully we'll hear from you soon.
*Waves at Chotag and Lisdexia* Hope you guys find what you're looking for!
Love the support base here!
If you don't want to do 25s, talk to Invalice from <Bench Squad>. He was looking at having a second raid team in his guild. :D
Greetings Chotag,

I'd be interested in chatting with you. We raid the same nights you do, and our recruiting needs line up pretty close to what you have there. Add me at Dethkrik#1795, or I'll look for you next time I'm on.


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