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Hey guys, I need an add-on that will do exactly as follows:
When my weapon enchant procs, and when either or both of my strength trinkets proc, I would like the little picture or box (buff) that is right above my portrait, like all other buffs and debuffs, I want them to be very big on my screen and for me to be able to move them wherever I want them to be. JUST these three buffs though, and maybe inquisition, but nothing else.
So, instead of the buff being very small, like 1 centimeter x 1 centimeter, I would like each of the three mentioned buffs to be like 4 inches x 4 inches (very big) on my screen and I would like to put all three boxes (buffs) wherever I want them (middle of screen or to the right of my character, etc.).
I use clcinfo to track inquisition right now. That is the only spell or buff I track. I have it above my portrait and its a bar counting down from 30 - 0 as the bar gets smaller. For the three buffs above, I would merely want just the big buff and then use omnicc, which will put the number of seconds on it and count down to zero (no bar).
Is there an add-on already created that will do this? If you know of one, that is even close to what I am asking, please let me know? And if it will NOT do what I ask, please let me know what it WILL do, so I can figure out if this will help with what I need or not. Thanks guys!
You can configure Weak Auras to do this or TellMeWhen, you can likely find Weak Aura strings for trinket procs just by Googling.
Thanks Suntia and I will check them out. I am not sure if they will do what I am asking, but I will definitely look into it.
02/11/2013 01:03 PMPosted by Maxximus
Thanks Suntia and I will check them out. I am not sure if they will do what I am asking, but I will definitely look into it.

They will -er, at least tellmewhen will.

I'm doing this same sort of thing on my monk with tellmewhen. I just gottah figure out how to have 1 button that checks for 5 different buffs, and when all 5 buffs are present, the button lights up. I think tellmewhen can do this but I'm not sure how to make it work yet.
Man, I worked on Tellmewhen last night for a couple of hours and I STILL don't have it doing what I want? I guess I need to look at one of the tutorial videos. I think the add-on is amazing and it WILL do what I am asking, it is just that so far, I can only get the buff to show up on my screen and where I want it and as big as I want it, but I cannot get it to display the timer in seconds and count down. And yes, I have Omnicc and I have checked the appropriate boxes. And when the buffs show up on my screen, they go away once I am out of combat, but I am still buffed, so I am doing something wrong, I just have to figure it out.
Triggers and activation are the two most important (and for most users, confusing) parts of addons of this type have this (PA, WA, TellMeWhen).

Triggers will be a list of trigger for when this aura is activated. This is done usually by scanning combat log for an event. A buff being applied to you, a buff falling off and so on.

The second is activation meaning yes this aura is now triggered but when do I want it to show.
This will include conditions like combat/nocombat, resting/not resting, in raid/solo and so on.
So for example you want to show when you gain a certain buff like a trinket pop, but if it happens in the middle of the city, while you're browsing auctions, that's just annoying. So you set it to show only in combat, or only while in group and so on.

Both menus should be very prominent, as they're about the most important part of setting up an aura so just look for something like that.
Here are a few guides to speed you along:
Thanks Sedivy, that helped a lot! I knew I was doing something wrong but could not figure it out until I read that guide. Preesh!

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