No realms listed at log in & wrong realms

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When logging into the PTR there are no realms listed. I have downloaded the most current version of the PTR and checked the information with other players so I know its the correct one.

However when I go to my WoW account and try to transfer 1 of my characters it only lets me select the following realms: Lost Isles (US) - PVE, Gilneas (US) - PvP, Mekkatorque (EU) - PVE, Hamuul (KR) - PVE

Which are NOT the correct servers as I have tried and get an error upon clicking transfer!

I am running on a Mac and any help would be greatly appreciated..

Can you make an edited screenshot of your account management screen ?

EG Like this :
It sounds like you have a beta account and not a PTR account. You may want to contact customer service directly and see if they can assist you in anyway.

We have limited support for PTR/Beta, but they might be able to assist.
I will get the screen shot shortly. I have been in contact with support called them and opened a few tickets and they where unable to help in any manner! Amazing how they know "NOTHING" about it. Blizzard should give them some type of information to help customers!
They provide support for the Live game only Kclr.

You pay your subscription fees to get access to the Live games only. Access to the PTR is a free perk.

The PTR and Beta is managed by QA who have no live support reachable via the ticketing system AFAIK.

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