Paladin's running off hands over shields

I'm just curious how many Paladins use a Off-hand healing piece opposed to a shield. I've been having no luck getting my MSV shield since...well forever and am still running with a 463 shield. I'm just having no luck with getting an upgrade and just wanted to see some opinions on the switch.
In pve the armor is just really rarely relevant. Yes, you take about 10% more damage from any raid-wide physical effect, but those damage effects are always balance with the physical mitigation of the lower armor types in mind so it just comes down to does an offhand have better stats. In FL there was one that was really common to see both paladins and shamans using, because it was better.
Armor makes no difference for a PvE healer unless you're taking heavy physical damage, and even then, most of the physical damage raid AoE's (think Rain of Blades) are specifically designed to ignore armor, otherwise plate wearers and Holy Paladins in particular would have an absurd advantage.

So yeah, rock that offhand. I'm always courteous enough to pass on a Spirit OH to a Priest or Druid (or now, Monk) when there is a caster shield in the tier, but if you can get a hold on it once those classes have it, use it.
Thanks! I figured it wouldn't really hurt. Just not used to not using a shield..
I don't see why using an OH over a shield would do much harm, and plus, you get extra points for using a tome.

Maan, I want a vanity libram/tome thing. :<
I feel naked without a shield, but then again my mainspec is prot.

Sometimes a loose add might smack me or something (esp on Empress if I'm healing), and I want my shield.

But if it's a choice between a 463 shield and a 496 offhand, take the offhand.

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