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I have always been tentative about posting anywhere. Because I really feel like I am in a shouting match with the rest of the world when I do. That being said something has to be done about shamans in pvp. It has been said over and over again, but something has to be done. I have played enhancement shaman since classic. It has always been the funnest class/spec combination in the game for me in both pvp and pve. This thread is directly in reference to pvp I do not do any serious pve anymore, and it is the pvp that keeps me in this game. I will go on record and say that I feel like Ascendance was a great addition to the shaman rotation. Enh has been calling out for a burst forever. Thank you for that. Now on to some present issues.

Shaman survivability: One of the main issues with Shamans is how squishy we are. Something has to be done about this. I do not think we need more defensives, but what I do think is that all our defensives should be available to all specs, and they should be more accessible.
Our first tier of talents is not only boring but its also one of our biggest defensive choices. Nature's Guardian is kinda a joke. I have never felt as if this talent has ever saved me from getting my !@#$ pushed in. I got really good at using Stone bulwark totem. It actually fit rather well into my rotation, but it is not nearly as effective as Astral Shift for keeping me from dieing. Ideally I think all shamans should have Stone Bulwark Totem. Before mop all the shamans I know glyphed for their earth totem to give them a shield. Now we have to choose between having the shield or having the 40% damage reduction when people bust CDs on us, 40% may seem like a lot but it is only 6 seconds, and given how much dmg I already take as a shaman if people bust cds on me and I can't kite or get a bop I am going down.
Shamanistic rage is one of our best abilities. For pvp this ability is tops. My gripe is that shamans have to gyph it to get the full use of it. If all shamans with rage are glyphing it you would think that you would just build the removal of magic affects into the spell. Just like you plan on doing with glyph of flame shock. This is a change that should be made too. If you think that is over powered perhaps you should look at a Deathknight's ice bound fortitude.

Rockbiter weapon is one of our most overlooked defensives. 5% deduced passive is awesome. The 40% you can get from unleashed fury is even better. This is a great buff that comes with an even greater price. I have seen Deathknight's sit in blood presence, and Warriors sit in defensive stance entire games, and still out dps me. And I hardly ever spec into unleashed fury. The reason being is my burst dmg is greatly reduced when I do not take elemental blast, but when I do spec unleashed fury and have to use rockbiter my over all dps is greatly diminished. I love the utility of being able to switch the weapon imbue on the fly. As an Enh I take windfury main hand and switch my offhand imbue with a macro as needed. This is great except for the fact that I global myself every time I do it. So if I need the reduced damage in a pinch I global myself once to apply rockbiter, and then a second time by unleashing my weapons. There is a simple solution that would make weapon imbues both useful and fun. TAKE THEM OFF THE GLOBAL CD!!!! %^-* we have these awesome weapon advantages as shamans, but you can't use them when they need to be used. You want shamans to get the full use of these abilities make them usable on the fly.

Shaman utility as enhancement: These issues are focused more on enhancement pvp than shaman overall.
FROST SHOCK! This has forever been one of the best abilities in the game. It is still a sick ability! The combination with frozen power has always been super powerful for shaman pvp. However it is not as affective of a peel as I would like. As an enhancement shaman in pvp I feel like my utility is the most important part of my role. I suggest it be able to be glyphed that it affects people in an aoe or two targets even. Much the way that warrior's charge stun can be glyphed to stun two people next to each other. Hell you want to cut the duration in half in exchange for the glyph im down with that, but even with frozen power it is not as good of a peel as its totem counterpart earthgrab totem.
Gap closers. I see a lot of shamans looking for a gape closer or more gap closers. Spirit walk is a good great gap closer. I myself sacrifice orc racial abilities for the goblin rocket jump, but there is still a lot to be desired in shaman mobility. If you want to chase down a druid gg. You are better off getting out of combat and mounting up. I have always wanted some sort of dash farward, and npcs have one that I think would fit in great with Shaman pvp. The ability is called Rush of Flame. It is an ability that Unbound Fire Elementals in hyjal have. The elemental rushes forward leaving a trail of fire behind. This would be a sick addition to the enhancement shaman arsenal. Sure warriors can glyph for a fiery charge, but I want the forward rush with real damaging flames included. It can be similar to the monk roll. All in all though I think its a creative solution to the gap closer issues that enhancement shamans are having.

Grounding totem. Spell casters will rage at anyone who complains about grounding totem, but it can hardly be considered a realiable source of protecion for you and your arena team. Good casters easily counter grounding totems with quick instant casts. The problem for the most part is that the key spells to ground are instant cast. Trying to ground a mages deep freeze or a shadow priests silence on your healer is almost impossible. I love my grounding totem in duels, but it is weak in 3s 5s or rbgs. So far I have don't really have much of a way to improve grounding totem. Unless you can ground spells in transit kinda the way rogues can vanish spells.... What I would like to see is perhaps the ability glyph or spec for grounding totem to eat the next heal this will hit your target.... Yeah I said it. I want a totem that eats heals... No more over powered than necrotic strike, and just as easy to counter than our current grounding totem.

Maelstrom healing and off healing. Currently healing yourself with Maelstrom healing seems pretty balanced. However, when it comes to protecting my arena partners it falls short of satisfactory. As a hi-bread class I understand that its unfair to make my healing too powerful. But the problem is not how much I heal for as much as not being able to heal often enough. If I use maelstrom to heal a friendly its great for one heal. If I fallow it up with a casted heal I am then out of mana. So you get two heals max, and only one is really buffed by healing storm. Healing stream totem is one of our most useful totems. If you glyph for the 10% spell reduction on tick it is very helpful against other shamans, mages, and some of the lock spells, but all in all the healing stream totem is weak sauce, and the improved healing stream totem is easily countered. All you have to do is attack it once or twice, and that thing is gone. So what do I suggest? I suggest you give all shamans spirit link totem. Not only will it help keep the shaman alive, but it is a great way to help your team mates in a bind. Sure it can still be attacked and killed, but considering what spirit link does i am okay with it.

I am sure there are other things items that I am missing, but I really hope this does not just get lost in the crowed. I am looking to improve shaman, and these are some of the changes I would love to see. Do I expect all of them... Hell no, but something has to be done and these are my suggestions. Here are some of the things I don't want to see happen... I don't want to get an immunity like hunter/spriest/mage/pally. I don't want to see a blanket damage reduction its pathetic to see warriors and dks sit in their defensive stances as is, and I don't want to be like that. I don't want to be over powered, but I do want to be more viable. Also I want to use swords... >.> I mean !@#$ they are sooo coool!

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