Need help with TukUI!

UI and Macro
I use TukUI, I absolutely love the layout it's wonderful. I have a few questions I'm really hoping someone can answer for me:

- I use SexyMap on top of TukUI, solely for the HUD. I have a widescreen monitor and I miss half of the nodes on the tiny map on the top right. I don't understand Gatherer's HUD at all and I think it's pretty useless. With that said, SexyMap is ugly. Is there anywhere I can skin SexyMap to look just like the default TukUI minimap?

- I wish I could move 2 or 3 action buttons to the middle of my screen, really big for those short cooldowns (i.e. Holy Shock). How can I do this?

Thanks for reading.
post on the tukui forums. :D

We'll help there, if we can.

I say this because we know the code better because we're specifically there for that UI mod. Not that people couldn't help here but you'll likely have an easier time getting help there with users of the addon.

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