Simple Royal Satchel issue

UI and Macro
So I finally got a second Royal Satchel. I had naively assumed that though logically larger than the Illusionary Bag, the window for it would be the same size. It is not. It's a few pixels taller, because in case I was confused by the bag space available and title label, I need to see the circular icon, which formerly seated nicely in the unavailable space of the Illusionary bag. This pushes me from two columns of bag windows to a surprisingly obnoxious three columns of uneven bag windows. The first answer to all of Blizzard's problems, from action bar errors to Error 37 is to delete all your addons, so there must be a way I can make this fit in a 1080 pixel height without an addon. Thoughts?
You can lower your UI scale a tad. That should work.

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