New to Holy. Question regarding Avenging....

So. I have played this game for a few years now, never played a healing class. I'm quite enjoying a Holy Paladin thus far.

So my question to the paladin community was thoughts on macroing Avenging Wrath and Divine Favor together. I wasn't sure if they were both off the GCD or not, It seemed to be a good idea in theory to me as they share the same cool down and would benefit eachother. I do know some healers prefer not to micro manage abilities together like that but I wasn't sure if it was possible and I don't have avenging wrath yet to test it.

Thanks for the information!
I have. Although I still keep the separate abilities, but I find (personally, and in my own modest raid-novice healing) that I either need them both, or not at all.
Then again, I'm not very good at managing my cooldowns, and it's a hindrance for my healing skills.

The macro:

/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Divine Favor

Simple. No GCD, and so you honestly only save a fraction of a second than doing a double-tap of the separate abilities. But maybe you like to have a small, clean action bar.
I wouldn't recommend it. Blowing all your cooldowns at once does make you SUPERZOMGPOWERFUL for 20 seconds, but then you have nothing up your sleeve for the rest of the fight. It makes more sense to stagger your throughput cooldowns and cover a longer portion of the fight.

There may be times where you pop them at the same time, like Tsulong, but the vast majority of the time I would not.
Thanks for the reply guys. I appreciate it. I forgot to clarify I was talking more for the PVP aspect of things. All thought I do enjoy pve as well. I wish I had 10 million fingers for this game sometimes haha.
if you are talking about pvp, the general rule i follow is: have the ability to press all your abilities one at a time but have a macro for when $!@# hits the fan. so i guess the macro you'd be looking for is

/cast Devotion Aura
/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Divine Favor
/cast Flash of light

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