Server Down! Ermahgerhd!!!

I figured i'd make the post about it before anyone else so i could get the karma for it.
Yep. Kil Jaeden is down. Off to Sargeras I go.
Ruin #1
I was right in the middle of cleaning out bags I am sooo angry!
Yeah, it has something to do about your crappy guild wiping in org every 10 minutes. *shrug*
Yup we wipe in org all the time ;D all the skeletons that look like taurens are actually humans
02/08/2013 08:54 PMPosted by Fixkiljaeden

You guys are a plague to this server more than you know.
You guys should get sponsored by Swifty imo.
This is stupid. And they are proud that they crashed the server. Id like a free server xfer
Not proud and who says we crashed it? maybe it was horde! Or maybe Blizz should makes servers that can handle world pvp... the game is 8 years old!
To be frank, it wasn't bad Ruinous Orgrimmar raids wiping in the slightest. Blizzard is doing server updates in preparation for 5.2, and when that stuff happens, stuff breaks. Right now there's some bad phasing issues and communication is down between players and the servers.

But I agree with the person above us, members of Ruinous (Not all of you, so don't get butthurt) are bragging that they are the whole reason and that they want us to look at them like they're freaking WoW Jesus.

It wasn't Ruinous, so move on with life.
Exactly Cleo. Lets look at the Dark Portal or Hellfire where they have massive wpvp. Or lets go back to Vanilla when half the server would be fighting for South shore... The server lags and some times blows up. Most of us pay 14 bucks a month and we expect servers to be able to handle people playing the game and having fun! It has nothing to do with the players it has to do with the servers.

I actually love the fact that Ruinous gets together and destroys horde cities. Every one pull up your big panties and deal with it!
I don't mind that you guys are doing world pvp on a large scale, in fact, my old server was so dead that city raids were practically non-existent. I wanted to participate in world pvp and moved here because of the population, but when you guys are clogging up the entire zone making it impossible to down a world boss due to lag, that's when I start to get irritated.

Don't try to dismiss this saying it's Blizzard's fault by doing upgrades for the next patch, because this lag is non-existent until you guys start aoe-ing every square inch in front of you. You crashed Kun-Lai Summit so bad that the server couldn't even retrieve my character list for 10 minutes.
I hope you moo were also complaining last year when Requiem and the horde did the same exact thing wouldn't want to be hypocrites or anything.
I am still giving them props for doing what they do as annoying as it is they still have their Sh#t together. The servers should be able to handle stuff like that.

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