Lf Raid Team.

Hello Cenarius,

I am resto shaman in 486 ilevel lf progression raiding guild but doesn't take up more than 3 days.

I am looking for a morning or night raid times. The days don't matter.

I raided as mage, ret paladin, and resto shaman.

This is all at level content.
full t4, 3/4 tk, 5/6 ssc, 1/5 mh, full za.
lv 80
full t7 25 and 10 man, Malygos 10/25, full ulduar 25. That were I quit raiding until dragon soul (nothing note worth in there.)

My battle tag is thecoldbard#1417

Thank you for your time,
This isn't Aerie Peak, you silly~
02/08/2013 11:22 PMPosted by Iyou
This isn't Aerie Peak, you silly~

shhh, you seen nothing. I was thinking of going to that server if I get a hit.
In addition to Dae's question - would you consider a faction change?
after 9- 930 pm server time. and Raffi It depends if everything fits.
Our raids normally finish prior to that. Good luck in your search :)

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