Skillful Ret paladin who desires to be viable

Here is crusader strike damage on a noob warlock who is missing alot of res,
I was with you in the original post, but then I realized you behave like an unrequited jerk when criticized. You need to realize you're on earth with us. Nothing's going to change if you're not willing to listen to others.
So sorry that I hurt ur feelings for telling a bad ret to not post invalid information on this thread... after all we have to keep it simple and clear for ghost crawler to perceive otherwise he will use invalid feedback as an excuse for why ret remains undesirable in rbg's and arena.

I created this thread for Skillfull players who have been over 2200+ on multi toons to post their thoughts and ideas for ret.

None of my post are personal all business no time for games.
02/12/2013 12:08 PMPosted by Arthist
So sorry that I hurt ur feelings

It's not about feelings. No one wants to have a discussion with a doucehbag.

Just an FYI for ya.
arthist I had my 2400 achievement before you, and far higher in arena than you, does that mean you have to BOW THE F DOWN TO MAH AWESOMENESS?
youre not being mean, just an idiot lol

also youve only been 2,409. not really 2400+ to be honest.
we're all just laughing at you, ˢᵗᵃʸ ˢᵐᵃᶫᶫ ˢᵗᵃʸ ˢᵉᶜᵒᶰᵈ
Its interesting you say that thermy because i just looked at ur achievments and you aquired all of your 2200 achievs at the same time in the same season, if you look at my achievments i have goten over 2200 in 09 10 and 11.

If you look at the date i got duelist you would aquire the information to deduce that duelist requirment at the time of completion was around 2400 in a season when Dk's where gods and Ret resto was a weaker comp than holypally death knight. I also missed glad spot by 48 pnts, o well

So When you said you got 2400 before me you are incorrect I infact aquired 2400 before you did, This can be confirmed with statisics under armory. You would not have acces to this information under achievments as they dont have a 2400 2s achiev.

What that goes to show is I can always get 2200 no matter what year or season it is as any spec.
What that says about you is you got it all at once in a season when your class was possible strong.
Based on that neather of us can say bad things to each other and expect it to hold weight.
Because we are on the same lvl, aside from the fact that I have duelist and you dont.

I view all humans equal, but in regardess to this game it is different one player is better than another player a 1500 rated player should not try to tell the 2400 rated player his idea's wrong and op because he has no standings, experience or reputation to speak from.

Every person that exist is free to voice themself but to do so againts a higher faction with no standing's is a pile of poo and confuses the infamous GC as he cannot disern the difference between good players and bad players I will be sure to point out the noobs with bad ideas. Just as you can point out that im a !@#$%^-.
Also you said you have reached far higher ratings than me when again infact that is incorrect, your highest rating ever achieved under statatstics is 2,667.
In catacylsm i played my Warlock who is on my brothers account, you can check out his statstics his highest rating is in 3s 2856 and 2509 in 5s.
In this thread I dont seek to compare players or ego's just simple to come up with solutions or enough attenion to the underpowered class so that drastic changes are made so I can once again play my desired class.

Instead of being required to Reroll or play another game.
I had a long thing to say, to counter your derp, but ima just leave it as, my dad could beat up your dad and you sound like a fat n3rd who got angry he's not fotm this year, and no one wants to pick you because fat kids suck at dodge ball

you sound like a pretty mad person, we should go have lunch or something soon, hang out, I might even let you get lucky :3 xoxo
That is another invalid deduction, I am not upset that my class is not fotm. However I am upset that my class is not even on par with other classes, Blizzard has earned billions of dollars and cannot provide simple balance. That is where my discomfort lies as any logical person should be able to deduce from my previous post, the fact that I reference to ghostcrawler multipule times infers, I am displeased with the game.

In regardess to your derp I am unsure as I dont know you or your father personally but, But I do know my Dad is 45 yrs old and is a big 250 lb black guy. So your dad might be able to beat my dad up im not sure.

The fact that you would use violence as a tactical move shows the rocky history that has shaped the person you are. Or what u said is not serious and is largly a troll but even so that thought was a part of your subconsious.

More specificly about me though I am 19, just at 175 lb, I also played football from 3rd grade to highschool I have a very good bill of health. After eing tested the state of kansas issued me a certifcate identifying my IQ at the age of 13 was 142. I think Knowledge is a better weapon than your body.

Another thing the fact that you would go beyond my character which is the only prior knowledge you to make a deduction about what type of person I am in real life indicates certain things to me about yourself.

You also used the quote [Sound like a pretty mad person], to deduce emotion from text is a mistake as we are all in core frames of minds each person will perceive each word in his or her own way.
Though u may perceieve [Mad person] through your perspective of my text but on my end I can assure you no negative emotion is expressed.
I find it amussing that you think your deductive reasoning skills go beyond the eletrons on your screen and into the realm of your imagination. Deductive reasoning is a skill with a very specific science behind it and you really should practice it more.
did not deny that im refeering to s5 he said he got 2400 before me but i got it during s5 in 2s before he aquired it in 3s several seasons later, we are talking about different seasons.

Chordin do you have any idea's to improve paladin's?
or are we just going to keep talking about unrelated subjects.
Ret Needs changes Idea's pls
They are going to be better in a retarded way they are reverting the heals back to how they where in cata where a ret paladin can top someone off in one cast, that is not a smart design or fun at all. Lets buff FOl 100% instead of buffing Wog and Flash equally. 3 holypower world of glory only heals for 35k not worth the 4 gcds it takes to generate. The spec as a hole does not correctly represent whata ret paladin should be. Ret should not outdps True classes for 30 seconds than have terrible sustain for another 3 and 5 minutes.
And 2's was very competative and for the most part balanced in s1-6 thats why you could get gladiator in 2's until that point, it was not untill the game evolved dramaticly and became slowly more unbalanced that they decided to remove gladiator from 2's and it is relative in my situation because i was the highest Rated Ret resto druid 2's comp in my battlegroup at the time.
at the time a skillfull team with a less op comp could easly defeat a better comp because it was balanced enough where skill would prevale, atm it is not even close to that a backpeddler could crit a gladiator for all of his life in a few seconds and win. 2's is not relative anymore but i assure you there was a point where people got payed $250,000 dollars to win a 2v2 wow tournament back when it was mlg spounsered.
I don't agree with all of OP's proposals, but I definitely think Emancipate is crap only removing one snare/root.

As for our damage, it's really not that bad. I just want DP back baseline. I really miss that talent for the HP generation which opened up more choices and healing capabilities. Changing HA to something like Tiger's Fury seems interesting too, but I don't mind the 2 min CD.

BoG slow should be baseline for ret/prot and make it provide a minor AoE heal around a holy pally's judged target. I use BoG in BGs, but almost never in arena.
no one could global anyone in a stun in s5 aside from mabye deathknights and a rogue mage together, Hoj lated 6 seconds back than and dr was different in s5. This was a season where a good ret paladin could kill a healer in a 6 second stun after a long time of grinding the setup to reach the point where the healer did not have trinkit or any cds, and the ret had to the proper procs and cd's inorder to aquire the kill, also it would be very easy for the healers partner to CC the paladin for atleast half of that 6 second stun which would be enough alone for the healer to survive.

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