Warrior charge/intervene/leap/rocket macro?

UI and Macro
Howdy! Decided to start working on my warrior again, but having trouble creating a macro for all my mobility type moves. This is the macro I used when I last played my warrior:

/cast [@mouseover,help][help] Intervene; [noexists][mod:shift] Heroic Leap
/stopmacro [@mouseover,help][help][noexists][mod:shift]
/castsequence reset=15/ctrl Charge, Intercept, Heroic Leap

This charges a hostile mouseover, intervenes a friendly mouseover, and if mouse is over nothing it heroic leaps. I found it here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/903874-Charge-Intercept-Intervene-macro. Iv been trying to figure out how to incorporate the goblin racial rocket jump into this. The above macro is supposed to switch to heroic leap when modding with shift, but this doesnt work currently. when i try to replace it with rocket jump, it obviously still doesnt work.

Just wondering if any of you know how to make a mouseover macro that will charge a hostile mouseover, intervene a friendly, heroic leap a notarget and rocket jump a notarget when holding shift.

kept playing with it, ended up trying something simple and it appears to work, havent seen any problems so far

/cast [@mouseover, noexists, mod:shift] rocket jump; heroic leap
/cast [@mouseover,help] intervene
/cast [@mouseover,harm] charge

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