Good weapon to replace mine?

So i am stuck with this blue weapon, and i want to join a raid soon. The shaman guide says that the weapon that drops from Temple of the jade serpent is good, but i dont want to farm for a weapon that has a 0.5% drop rate. There also does not seem to be any weapons you can buy with Valor. Any suggestions?.... Or can i enter a raid with a blue weapon? (I am going to buy everything else soon)
You can enter a raid with a blue weapon as long as you have the correct item level. When it comes to weapons here is a breakdown on ones:

Epic mace in temple of jade serpent heroic (rare)
raid weapons (lfr, normal, heroic) Non guarenteed and weekly chance.
If you have inscription on a character, then can make a boa staff (share mine between several)
Conquest pvp weapons (not a fast aquisition)
Can upgrade a heroic blue weapon to level 471 for 1500 JP at vendor (this one is nice)
Having an elemental shaman with a staff.... It just sounds wrong.
get exhalted rep with the klaxxi for a ilvl463 dagger Amber Spine of Klaxxi'vess upgradable to 471

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