Alliance Reroll Formed/Raiding Focus

Do you want a fresh start with a guarantee of end game raiding? The problem with most rerolls is you just don’t know if they’re going to make it or not.

This is what sets <Disruption> apart from other rerolls. <Disruption> is a guild of approximately 20 in game friends who have been together for a couple of months. We have decided to hold off on raiding so that we can allow a fresh class of rerollers and friends to join our ranks. We will be integrating these new members with our existing members for a minimum of one raid group. How many total raid groups we have will be determined by the number of rerollers who make it 90 and get geared.

Our reroll began on Feb 3 at midnight and has been a huge success so far. We have over 50 unique members who sign on daily, with about 10 - 30 on during peak hours. I know that many people will laugh at that and say "well my guild has 300 members", my answer to that many of those 300 are alts and how many actually sign on? In <Disruption> you will always find someone else on to keep you company and there is always something going on, from arenas to bgs to achievement runs to mount runs and everything in between.

This is the perfect home for you if have not been able to get into raiding this expansion or are looking for a fresh start. We will have some strict expectations that you can view on our website. However, I will say first and foremost we expect all rerollers to be level 90 and ready to raid by March 6.

Raiding will be Wednesday/Monday 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST.
10m raid groups only (number of groups will based on how many successful rerollers we have)
Vent will be utilized during raid

Although raiding experience is valued it will not be required for the right candidates. Please do not hesitate to apply.

We will be accepting applications until Sunday Feb 10. At that time recruiting will be closed.

Current recruiting needs:
Lightest Representation

Healing - Paladin, Druid, Monk
Tank - Warrior, Monk, DK
DPS - Melee

Please feel free to app for any class/spec, not just what is listed above. If we cannot accomodate your choice we will contact you for another option.

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