SPriest, Warlock, Mage, or Boomy

I have recently returned to WoW and I'm trying to determine which class I want to play for 3's at end game. I made a resto shaman to try healing out, and I know I'm only 43 on him, but I'm not really enjoying healing. I do enjoy the "caster" classes though, so that's why I'm debating out of the 4 in the subject. I have leveled a SPriest before and love the class but all of the FoTM shadow priest rollers are making the class not very fun at all. I want to be able to form different viable comps with whatever class I pick, but I really can't decide. Any help?
I think a lock or a mage would be great for the next season. But In my opinion I think locks are the class to go for, they are fun and getting some nice buffs.
If I go lock, I'd definitely want to go affliction. With mage, I know frost is the usual PvP option, although I do like the idea of arcane.
Still not sure...Mage or Lock?
02/09/2013 09:42 AMPosted by Dezaranthis
Still not sure...Mage or Lock?

both of those are always top of the line specs that never get really nerfed, and are better than anything else... so the choice is up to you... but if you're trying to be fotm, Im sure it wont help you if you're bad...
Oh no no, not trying to be FoTM at all (hence why I'm not really wanting to roll SPriest at the moment)...I want something that is viable, not necessarily OP. I know every class has a different skill cap, and to me the harder the class, the more fun it is. Gives me a challenge...
Go warlock.
Take a lock. Mages are cool but never really break out of that "caster roll".

Locks have 3 different specs with 3 different play styles, which is why I like my lock so much.
Demonology is sick as a gimmick, I mean, you can go half demon and have more mobility. What more could you ask for? Also the cast and move passive talent is amazing fun.

Affliction is great for those who loved the dots and steady damage. I am still trying to get used to it but, its pretty fun going into lowbie areas and just single dotting them and cackling as they try to survive their small curse.

Destro is my favorite by far. It's burst damage is pretty fun and the lolbolt is a real force to reckon with.

Basically there is no "bad spec" and you'll always enjoy yourself.
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Go warlock.

Coming from a mage, why would you say go warlock? Just curious...
02/09/2013 02:53 PMPosted by Dezaranthis
Go warlock.

Coming from a mage, why would you say go warlock? Just curious...

For me at least, locks just happen to have more viable comps while mages have normally one good comp, sometimes two.

locks just synergize a lot better with a lot more classes.
Lock it is, then. I'm going to go affliction and see how it goes. That feels more like my style than the other 2.

I do most of my leveling through BG's. I have the cloth PvE BoA set to level up with. At what point do I buy PvP gear? 60, 70, or even 80? I know you get the 10% experience bonus on the heirlooms, but I wasn't sure at what point I would start getting owned without PvP gear.
You'll get owned either way w/ or w/o pvp gear.

On my warrior leveling up I had full pve BoAs and ripped apart everyone until lvl 60 or so?

I wouldn't bother buying the pvp pieces, you'll out level them really fast and the xp gain is more important.
Here is some facts about each.

Warlocks as of now is hard to get high in arena, much easier than boomkins and possible but there is so many good comps that they get over looked, however in RBG games there is always 1 sometimes 3 on each team.

Mages always seem to be good every season, they have some strong comps that can get them high in arena. In Rated battle ground games it seems that there is always 1 mage, never more than one for strong comps.

Boomkins are weak in arena, it's very very hard to get high in arena as boomkin. However in RBG games there will always 100% be one boom. Boomkins are rare and it will be easier to get an RBG team if you play one.

Spriest do pretty good in arena, in Rbg games there seems to always have 1 on each team. There is never 2 spriest on an rbg team but finding a team shouldnt be so hard as long as you can dispell.
Yeah, I don't care so much about RBG teams. Mostly just arenas
S.Priest is getting the nerf hammer this patch, so even if you wanted to go FOTM, stay away.

Honestly, people are underestimating A.Locks. I have mine @90 in mostly dreadful+ gear, and I'm seriously considering it. My friend wants to try a Hunter/Monk/Shaman team for 5.2, so I'm leveling my Hunter now.

With Lock, you get Godcomp 2.0 (Aff, Frost, R.Sham) which will be way better than the current version. Rogue, Lock, Shaman will be back, and Shadowplay will be what S.Priest gets bottle-necked into.

The options you get from Warlock are just awesome. Fun as hell to play too.
Spriests and locks are both incredibly fun to play. Spriests have offheals and better utility, and can roll healer if you choose to. Locks, however, have three very different playstyles depending on spec, and all are fun and all are viable in RBGs and arena. Affliction is quite probably my favorite spec in the game (tied with Arms Warriors), with Destro very close behind.

Mages are fun with all of Fire's mobility and boomkins have cool lore, but I'd recommend going Lock. They're just incredible; you won't regret it.
I'll be rolling a lock then. Is there a "best" option for professions when it comes to PvP? I like leveling professions up as I level..
Not that I know of. Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting was popular for a while for all classes due to being able to have extra sockets and better gems to put in them, but I'm not sure if that's still a good combo. I always level my clothies as Tailoring/Enchanting, for nostalgia value and because you can make yourself gear, which is more useful than it sounds.
depends on your playstyle tbh,

Mage, Spriest - High rated pvp

Mage, Spriest, Lock, Boomkin, - Low to Mid pvp

this is what i recommend when it comes to arena, locks and boomkins just dont do that well at high lvl pvp compared to a mage and spriest, but locks can still excel at low and mid pvp when your opponets skill is about average.

so its basically your choice.

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