SPriest, Warlock, Mage, or Boomy

To OP,

I can't tell you much about the other three classes other than Boomkins are great for RBGs but to my knowledge not so good in arenas. That being said, I can tell you one thing. Mages are incredibly fun and will be great in 5.2, and I'm not talking frost, or arcane.. I'm talking fire.

Fire's biggest problem this patch is the ramp up time to burst, but with scorch going base line, I can promise you this will be different.

At the moment every minute and a half, in my current so-so gear I can pretty much 100% to 20-0% someone in a deep freeze as long as I blanket any survival CDs [Exceptiong being druids and their damn barkskin]. Which means I'm incredibly effective in arena hard switching, though my gear isn't good enough for competitive arenas for survival reasons.

In 5.2 with scorch going baseline, fire will have access to PoM, which means two things. First, if you want to go all out you can 100%-~0% people in a deep freeze with no ramp up at all, which would be good for getting that early game pressure. Second, if you choose [possibly wisely, depending on comp] to not go that route, it's possible to have the same affect with POM as it is with Alter time. They both have a 1.5 minute CD, and deep freeze has a 45 second CD, meaning you can now 100%-~0% someone in a deep freeze every forty five seconds.

I make it sound overpowered, but it isn't. It's hard to set up the burst properly and we're very susceptible to hostile dispells. I will tell you, though, that I've played since vanilla and never had more fun with any class or spec than I am with my mage. I'm anxious to see how I will fare when I get the survivability I need to do arenas on a competitive level.
Yeah, I've never played mage at all. How are the mage comps now and how are they going to be 5.2?

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