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For the first time in WoW.... I am trying a melee...... but I have a question that I am hoping some of veteren melee DPSers can help with. Not sure it makes much difference at this low level.... but I am trying to keep in the habbit of staying behind the boss The problem is, the tanks are also learning more or less how to position bosses, so I find my DPS struggling as I try to reposition myself. Any tips for this?
The best thing you can do is move with the mouse and use the keys for your abilities. That way, one hand is keeping you in position and the other is hitting your abilities. This can take a bit of practice but is well worth learning at the early stages of levelling. I would also suggest that you map strafe left and right to keys you can easily reach as sometimes just strafing a bit (especially while moving forward with your mouse) can reposition you back to behind the boss.
This will come with practise. One of the key strengths of melee is that we lose no dps by moving, so this is a key skill.

Also, once you get into the higher levels, the bosses are actually bigger physically.
Nice, thanks for the replies. I already move with the mouse, and cast with keyboard... or rather do special abilities. It is the strafing that I might need to work on. In any case, I am having a TON of fun as retribution. I think I found a main.
It's not that necessary to stay behind as ret and the tank needs to learn to minimize movement.

That's more a fault of the tank. I learned this myself from both tanking and dpsing.
Yep as said, the tank should be moving the bosses and other mobs as little as possible. Moving them only to get the melee out of any fire thrown on the ground. You make sure you don't stand in the fire and the tank makes sure you have a place to stand that doesn't have fire so you can dps the bosses/mobs.

The tank should always be trying to face the bosses/mobs away from the group, as well. That way the only one getting hit by the special frontal attacks, is the tank and not the squishies.
Actually, you only need to be out of the mobs frontal cone. Bosses can't parry from the side either. Many bosses you can dps just fine from teh sides as well.

Also, as you level up, bosses get bigger or have bigger hit boxes so you don't need to hug htem as much as you do in earlier levels.

As far as staying in melee range, it really boils down to knowing mechanics. It is easier to react and keep up dps if you know when to move, rather than playing catch up to the tank that is moving the mob.
02/11/2013 06:33 AMPosted by Jåy
you only need to be out of the mobs frontal cone

IIRC, the frontal cone is 120 degrees.

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