[SOLVED] Early Auto-Complete Quests?

UI and Macro
I've been coding an addon that instead of completely re-inventing the game's default quest tracker, just adds extra functionality to it. It removes quests from the quest tracker as they become completed and it moves quests that you're actively working on to the top of the tracker. I have a few lines of code that attempt to prevent a quest from being removed from the tracker if it's an auto-complete quest, so that it stays noticeable on the tracker. I need to test it on an auto-complete quest, but I can't for the life of me remember any early auto-complete quests that I can get to quickly with a new low-level character. My goal is to not spend hours looking for one. I'd really appreciate any suggestions :)

Edit: I took my level 85 Warrior into Vashj'ir to do "Once More, With Eeling." After seeing the auto popup not be removed with and without my code, I researched more quest functions and found that the game differentiates auto popups from normal quests. A separate function has to be called to remove them, which is actually quite convenient :)

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