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I'm in love with my enhancement shaman, I'm thinking of getting it to lvl 90, but the only thing stopping me is that people say enhance is not in a very good spot for pvp, any shamans care to comment on enhance pvp viability?

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I wouldn't be too discouraged. We do lack ( and could use) a bit of defense/ escapism, so we die a tad more. However, if you are good, you will still walk away with a lot more kills than deaths in pvp ( a lot).

For 2s and duels, I say we are pretty fine (can't speak for 3s, but I'd say we are probably good there too). We are really just missing that defense/ escapism to deal with groups and focus fire.

Anyways, if you are having fun, then I say stick with it.
I just got this character to 90 and I'm having a lot of fun with a Shaman. This is coming from a guy who also has a: Warrior, Death Knight, Priest, Druid and Monk.

I love Enhance, it's a lot of fun. Our burst is amazing, and purge is a hilarious spell. BUT we get completely destroyed by a lot of other melee classes and I am having a hard time with Warlocks and Hunters too.
people say enhance is gimped in pvp but thats mainly because enhance is heavily gear dependant... personally i just think its a bit higher on the skill curve to play effectively than some of the other dps classes... only problem i have with enhance pvp at the moment is in my opinion silence shouldnt gimp a melee so hard
^^^ could not be more wrong. If you want to be someone's whipping boy stick with ele or enhance. Both specs need much love in the PvP department.
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/daggerspine/V%C3%A0nguards/advanced (check his 3v3)

Yeah lets just ignore the fact that hes been over 3k as ret and has been r1 like 12 times and pretend every single person rerolling enhance will have that skill.

Awesome input on enhancements viability line it up to vanguards.

I do think were fine in pvp for the most part. Our damage is impressive for having to gem full resil.Tremor/grounding/purge/ag saves lifes.
Aside from a few stupid things like blanket silences and our defensives of course.

but linking the poor guy or any new enhance this in an effort to make the spec more attractive is going to make them think its arms faceroll then they'll come here and QQ when they realize its not.

Also the fact that he left Tichondrius and go to a easier battle group in order to be able to get rank 1 on a team.

but i'm with you on how fun enhance is, but sadly the current state of it is frustrating. I find that playing resto is lesser quality gear has better survivability then being enhance in full malevolent
If you're gonna run BGs or do 2v2, your best bet is to run with a good healer. If you have someone to keep you up, you can put plenty of people down.
Enhance isn't too bad atm, just really lacking in defense, but it always has been really. As for the guy above me, you really don't need a healer to dominate BG's. I rarely, if ever, play with a healer (if you look @ my HKs, you'll notice I bg a fair bit l0l), and dominate 99.99% of the BGs I do, you just cant expect to run into packs of 10 and be a hero, play like a snake and you'll be gravy

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