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I am trying to make a (I had hoped) simple Macro to Sheep when I press the the button and POM/Sheep when I press it with the Shift key pressed.

The Macro is

/cast [mod:shift] Presence of Mind
/cast Polymorph

I have one of my bottom left Action Buttons Key Bound to Number Pad 5 and use a Razor Naga Mouse with a side (thumb) button functioning as the Num Pad 5. So now the issue.

When I use either the Naga Mouse button or the Ten Key #5 alone, I get the Poly

When I use Shift + the actual Ten Key #5, the POM aspect functions for an instant Poly.

When I use the Shift + the Naga Mouse key, I ONLY get the Poly w/o the POM.

Any ideas??
I'm surprised Shift + Naga Button N would do anything at all while the Naga is set to Numpad mode, since Windows intercepts Shift + Numpad keys and transforms them into other keys like Home, End, etc. (usually marked on the keyboard).

If your OS doesn't do that, you've probably got something bound to Shift + Numpad 5 or have Shift set your focus/self cast modifier in the Interface menu.

If your OS does intercept Shift + Numpad keys, you either need to use a different modifier or remap the Naga button to some other key.

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