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UI and Macro
A lot of people have been complaining about the whisper spam from mass guild invite AddOns/macros over the last few years, but not very much has been done about it.

I propose adding a second argument to GuildInvite for a message to be sent with the invite (and possibly modifying the /ginvite command to match). This message would then be provided to the invitee's client as the third argument of the GUILD_INVITE_REQUEST event and displayed somewhere on the guild invite popup.

The main benefit of this new system would be the ability to block the message along with the rest of the invite with the existing "Block Guild Invites" UI option.

This has been suggested by a few people before (and I probably stole the idea from someone else's thread), but I still think it would be a nice addition.
While I agree that it's a good idea in theory, I'm questioning how well it will do in practice. I mean, look at the things Blizz has added to fight spam that people just don't use. There's a guild recruitment channel, and a looking for group channel, and any messages that might be better suited to said channels just end up in trade anyway.

If a message is added to the guild invite popup, that doesn't mean people will stop using normal whispers to advertise their guild.
Well this would be a trivial change for the authors of mass guild invite AddOns to make, since it's just an addition to the function they're already all using.

It would allow the users of these AddOns to continue their mass invite spamming without bothering those who don't want to be bothered; and ideally it would give Blizzard a justification to punish people for mass whisper spam. It would require pretty much zero additional effort on the part of the user, which is probably the main shortcoming of the alternatives.
Definately seems like a good idea. I third this

probably propse this directly to the UI devs at the following email.


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