How to heal in LFR?

So, I've pretty much come to the point where I'm looking to enter (for the first time, ever) the raiding scene.

I've been running Heroic dungeons to gather up the best pre-raid PvE gear I can get (almost . . . I'm lacking a few items, IMO, but I've gotten my iLvl up to 467), and trying to practice my group healing. I also do random BGs (accumulated full Dreadful) to help with my healing skills.

I'm not really confident, though. I've done dozens of MoP heroics and have only wiped a few times, but in almost every instance I do, there are several times when the whole party drops to 1/2 (or some 1/3) of their health, which I always struggle to bring back up. My single-target heals are mediocre, but I'm downright bad at AoE healing. Which I'm sure is a major point of raid healing, yeah?
I dunno, I just feel like . . . LoD is ~20k hp per person (I glyphed it), and Holy Radiance is ~20k, and about 10k to anyone nearby. And that seems really, terribly useless compared to everything else. But then again, my AoE's bad.

I'm an ace at hitting Holy Shock every 6 or 8 seconds, at least.

Mana is not usually an issue. I think the times when I run low on mana is usually when some party members get clumsy and take lots of unnecessary damage, and then I also get clumsy while trying to save them.

Battlegrounds . . . I think they've helped a bit. I'm more willing to go into them and practice something new than risk ruining a dungeon run. But it seems like hit-or-miss as to how well I perform in them. Sometimes I'm a god among mice, othertimes I can't heal teammates to save even my own life. Not really relevant, sorry.

If I could have some advice on raid (LFR) healing, I'd be very grateful. I might not be on to reply later . . . so, thanks in advance (if anyone responds).
Practice makes perfect.
I just started healing on this alt about 3 weeks ago. I went straight into LFR as soon as I had the ilvl. Just go into LFR and practice, even if you run the same raid multiple times with no reward other then valor, it's so easy it's ridiculous.

Healing LFR is not challenging though, it's actually just really boring(in my experience.) I kind of feel as a paladin I don't get to heal as much as the other healers. Everyone else has way better raid healing capabilities and I spend a lot of time standing around, by the time I cast one of my heals, the player I'm casting it on is topped off. I focus much of my attention on the tanks because my aoe heals are pretty much useless. I've noticed that Shaman and Druid are the most successful in LFR, they just have more raid heals and LFR is all about that type of healing.

Do LFR though, it's a joke and you'll get some decent experience. I think heroics have given me more of a challenge then LFR though.
I can understand going into LFR for the first time on a spec or class and being apprehensive. You want to do well and be competitive. And not be kicked.

Make no mistake, I am not 'trying' when I go into LFR. I don't want to be there, but what I show below hasn't let me down. When the smoke clears, I'm on the high end of healing. With 25 men in an easy mode fight, you can just AoE your little heart out and do fine. I bolded what you might be missing as far as stronger AoE.

Holy Radiance tank followed by Holy Shock (Daybreak). Light of Dawn. Light's Hammer down on CD, but wait until you know people aren't going to just have to move the boss again right after you drop it. Deal out some Eternal Flames if needed. The basics. Honestly the biggest thing about going to LFR from LFD is just the amount of people and what glyphs you want to use. Don't overhype it in your head. Other people will use other methods, there is no right or wrong way in LFR... unless you are auto attacking the boss while tabbed out to Netflix or not trying at all. LFR is a good time to experiment.

LFR only helps you to learn the boss names, learn the movement of most fights, and gives you a false sense of challenge. It's not hard. And getting through it is not an accomplishment. They don't compare to normal modes at all.

Also, read the sticky for Holy.
LFR healing is just an AOE snipefest for the most part...feel free to que it up and just go have some fun
Well everyone above has pretty much said the truth about LFR, I will add one more little point. Don't ever take your healing meter seriously in LFR either. This is a big mistake. Your HPS only matters in normals, and although depending on how you're doing in LFR it can be relatively accurate, you'll find that the people who are destroying the "Healing done" page are also destroying the "Overhealing Done" page.
From my experience, if you can heal bgs you should be fine at lfr.

dmg in lfr is much more predictable (once you know the fights) so if you can manage the much more chaotic bg healing i think lfr shouldnt be a problem
LFR is really really really easy.

In fact some people still AFK in it.

You'll be fine.
LFR is easier than heroics. Mainly because you have 5 other healers supporting and covering with you. If you miss a heal or focus on someone else, not a huge deal.

As for AoE healing. LFR is a great place to work out personal styles.

When you see those large spikes in raid damage you can do something like below:

Lead with LoD (if you have HP). Although it's small, it's instant, and acts as a quick bandaid not only raising health a bit, but adding a Mastery absorb, to stop the bleeding. From there follow up with a Holy Radiance to whomever is hurt worst. You'll get another back of healing/mastery, a HP, and the proc for Holy Shock turning it into a splash. From there, splash you HS (now up 2 HP). If you're close to a mob, you can smack it with CS (one more HS), drop another HR (same deal + healing/Mastery) or just dump LoD (if you already had 3). If folks are already looking good, just use EF instead of LoD (on whomever is damaged or the tank).

If you have Divine Purpose, the potential of free LoD/EF are real nice.

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